How to embed images by URL in new Markdown Jira editor

Antun Karlovac July 8, 2019

The new updates to Jira are switching to a Markdown based editor. The section called "New Atlassian editor" talks about that editor, and provides a link to this Markdown cheatsheet:

With Jira's old Wiki-style markup, I used to be able to embed an image by wrapping an absolute path to it in exclamation marks, like this:


How can I do this in the new editor? According to the markdown cheatsheet above, you should be able to do:

![some alt text](

... but that simply doesn't work. Here's a real URL to an image I want to embed:


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Patrick H. Lauke March 23, 2022

The inability to have a ready-made, finished markdown document with images, and being able to just paste the markdown and upload all images and have it all match up, is really breaking a lot of well-established processes. And when your markdown file references dozens of images (with alt text etc) all nicely working in the .md version, having to then paste it and laboriously, one by one, re-do all images and their text alternative, is now creating massive speed bumps when doing bulk issue uploads. Similarly when importing issues from CSV and then trying to just upload the images quickly to their relevant tickets. It's now a big effort rather than the relatively painless process we had before (even when we had to do a quick "markdown to jira wiki-style markup" conversion for the old editor). really disappointed that this problem has been essentially ignored by atlassian.

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Clay Bell September 9, 2020

Same here, would like the ability to embed image by its URL, useful to display continuous integration status badges (svg).

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John Swift July 16, 2020

Hello no answer but I vote for this basic funcionality.

This is especially useful when trying to create Issue comment with images through API .

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Roman Oriekhov October 1, 2021

I do not know how much more time it will be available, but if you add `?oldIssueView=1` to the link - the old page appearance will open. In the comments, pictures can be added via `!!`

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dbelouso March 21, 2024

I am still searching for a solution to this problem, so if anyone has any ideas - please let me know.

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Chris Penny May 10, 2021

So someone copied and pasted images into the JIRA, but not in the inline text. Now, there is no way to easily get those attached images into the inline text. Really? this is an improvement? And every time you reference a JIRA in text it adds that instance as a link, so you can have 5 references to the SAME JIRA? Uh, I have no words.

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Earl McCutcheon
Atlassian Team
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July 9, 2019

HI Antun,

The formatting notations for the classic markup views can be found at

However in the New editor and the editing view used in Next-gen Projects, is moving away from using wiki style markup to a WYSIWYG editing approach, using Quick add buttons, and drag and drop functionality, but currently does not include a method to add an image from External Web Links.

Currently when using the New editor and adding an attachment to a comment, you can either Drag and drop the image into the comment to place the image where your cursor is or use the Inset "Files and Images" link at the top of the comment to add in the image from a local file, or a file hosted on a connected Dropbox or Giphy:

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 3.24.10 PM.png

Also for adding images from an external link we are tracking this as a new feature at the following link, make sure to add a vote to help with prioritization efforts, and add yourself as a watcher to get updates n the status:


Antun Karlovac July 9, 2019

Hi Earl,

Thanks for the detailed answer. In short, this isn't possible today, with the new editor.

JRACLOUD-70211 doesn't sound like it's the right issue. That ticket is about web *links* rather than embedding images from an absolute URL. If you look at the steps, you'll see they're related to links.

Is the ability to add images by absolute URL on the roadmap?



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Phil W March 13, 2020

Over 8 months later and no response to the question about being able to insert images by external URL. I am interested in this as well since we have recently started using Balsamiq wireframes within Jira Cloud and I want to link to the image rather than generate them as attachments. Doing this should ensure that the image is always up-to-date rather than possibly stale.

Hovering over a Balsamiq wireframe shows a control to get a URL link for the wireframe with a tooltip that literally says "Copy an image link to clipboard to embed it, e.g. in another Jira issue" but it is no longer possible to embed that link in a Jira issue due to this bizarre removal of capability.

Please, let's get external URL images back into the mix!

Deleted user April 2, 2020

I also need this to display states badges in a confluence page

Matt Born June 8, 2020

This is a basic editing feature I use constantly. The new Jira editor crippled my experience. Please prioritize either displaying local attachments in the “quick add button” or making it as easy to use markdown (ideally with inline preview while editing) with image links as it was to do `!attachment.png|width=100%` etc.


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Leonardo_Lindermann June 19, 2020

Same problem here!

Michael Love September 3, 2020

Been using Jira for 10+ years... inline images... markdown etc....

Just wow... 

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Amit Beckenstein January 31, 2022

While I do agree with everyone that not having support for embedding images from links is an inconvenience, I must say that it's not too bad and obviously there are workarounds:

  1. Using the "Copy Image" option in your context menu and pasting it into the editor. While this does work, it didn't work well for me when attempting to embed a GIF.
  2. (already mentioned by Earl) Downloading the image and uploading it via Files & Images button, atop of the editor, which opens a file dialog.

Personally I'd very much like it if the editor could support both WYSIWYG and Markdown at the same time.

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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April 3, 2024

The idea behind a status badge is, that it gets updated according to the last build status. So copying or uploading defeats the purpose of the idea from the beginning....

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