How to create a quick filter for issues with certain epic on a Kanban board filtered with Epic?

Nancy Tsai April 2, 2024


I have a Kanban board filtered with Epic. 
I want to a create a quick filter which only shows those issues under certain Epics, and the "Priority" of Epic is "high".

I'm not sure if its possible to create such a quick filter under a Kanban board filter with epic. 

I tried the syntax below that works in normal JQL filter but not for the quick filter though

issue in issuesWhereEpicIn("Priority = \"High\"") 

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Noah - Devsamurai April 2, 2024


Creating a quick filter on a Kanban board to show issues under Epics with a specific priority, such as "High," involves a couple of steps since quick filters operate directly on the issues currently visible on the board. Unfortunately, JQL in quick filters doesn't directly support filtering issues based on the attributes of their parent Epics in the way you've described using a single query.

However, you can approach this in two steps. First, ensure your board filter is broad enough to include all relevant issues. Then, use a quick filter to narrow down the visible issues. Since JQL used in quick filters cannot directly query the priority of an Epic that an issue is linked to, you'll need to work around this limitation.

One common workaround is to use labels or a custom field to tag issues under high-priority Epics, although this requires manual updating when Epic priorities change.

Workaround Solution:

1. Label High-Priority Epics: Manually add a label (e.g., "HighPriorityEpic") to all Epics with "High" priority.
2. Update Your Board Filter: Adjust the main JQL filter of your Kanban board to include issues from these high-priority Epics. For instance:

``` "Epic Link" in (select issues with "HighPriorityEpic" label) OR "Epic Link" is EMPTY ```

This ensures your board includes all issues under high-priority Epics and issues not linked to any Epic.

3. Create a Quick Filter for High-Priority Epics: Since you've tagged your Epics, you can now use a quick filter to show only those issues. However, remember, quick filters can't directly check the Epic's properties, so you'll filter based on the presence of the label or custom field you've decided to use:

```  issue in (EpicLink in (select issues with "HighPriorityEpic" label))  ```

Or, for direct issue attributes like labels, you might directly filter issues labeled accordingly if you apply the same label to the child issues.

Note: The exact JQL syntax for filtering issues by labels or custom fields varies and might not directly support the "in (select issues...)" clause as shown above. Instead, you'd typically use something more straightforward, like `labels = "HighPriorityEpic"` for issues that inherit a label from their Epic, assuming manual labeling.

This method is not fully automated and requires manual intervention to label Epics and possibly their issues. For a more automated solution, consider using Jira's automation features to label issues based on their Epic's priority or explore third-party add-ons in the Atlassian Marketplace that extend Jira's JQL capabilities.

Hope this can help. 

Nancy Tsai April 2, 2024

Okay so there's no quick way to do this but requiring lots of manual setting. Got it thanks. 

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