How to create a list of users that I can query in JQL?

Michael Crisanti March 3, 2024

Hello all! Trying to write a JQL query for a filter that will be linked to a dashboard. It needs to pull all tickets created by any user who is in my department. The dashboard will require multiple filters with variations of the same query (different queries will look at different date ranges depending on the age of the ticket), so listing out every user within the query for every one of the filters would get messy. It would be significantly less work to maintain just one list of users, instead of having to update each individual query anytime someone leaves or enters my dept.  This is my theoretical query:

Project = "Project_Name" AND status = "To Do" AND reporter in membersOf(My_Department) AND created < -6d AND created >= -8d ORDER BY Created DESC

How do I create the "My_Department" list so I can have all my department members listed there, and generate multiple queries referencing that one list?

(Note: I am not talking about creating an admin group. I've tried and am unable to use that feature. Hoping there is a different way to accomplish the same thing.)

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Michael Crisanti March 3, 2024

Did a little more digging and found this thread:

Suggestion by @Jack Nolddor _Sweet Bananas_ seems viable. Going to try using role management to create a list of users I can reference in the query.



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