How to combine project roles and issue roles in Permission schemes?

Gary Long March 4, 2024


I created a new Permissions scheme for a company-managed project where the Modify Reporter permission is granted to the Administrators Project Role and the Reporter issue role.

I gave myself the Administrators Project Role in that project and created a new issue. I changed the Reporter to another user and tried to set it back to myself but I couldn't change the Reporter anymore. The field became read-only with a tooltip saying "Reporter can't be edited".

I've checked the Permission Helper to see if something was wrong but the status field of the helper says "Gary Long has the {permission} permission.

The conditions table says that:

  • Jira Service Management does not override this permission
  • Jira Product Discovery does not override this permission
  • I'm a member of the Administrators Project Role
  • I'm not the Reporter.

I thought the list of Roles, users and groups defined for a given permission in the scheme was an OR rule but is it an AND rule instead ?


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Gary Long March 4, 2024

I found out that I made a mistake while editing my permission scheme. I forgot to grant the Edit Issues permission to the Administrators project role.

Previous editions were working find because I was the Reporter of the issue and that Issue role was granted the Edit Issue permission.

Now it works as expected !


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