How do you delete a label using the REST API?

I have tried all the ways on other forums and nothing is working. How do I remove a label using the API? 


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Labels in JIRA won't actually disappear from the system until all issues in JIRA are updated to remove that specific label.   So we can't directly delete a label without first updating all the issues that have that label to remove it from those issues.

This can be done over the REST API, but you first have to identify all the issues that have this specific label.  You can do this with either the issue navigator or the REST endpoint /api/2/search

In my example I created a label called "test1".  So using that search endpoint I specified the jql parameter of


That will return all the issueid and key of the issues that use this label.  You would need to know all these so you can then update them in the next step.

Once you have all these, you can see how to edit issues using REST in the api/2/issue documentation

/api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey} endpoint let's us do that.  Specify the issueid or the issue key and then you can use a json format such as:


This will remove the label from that specific issue.

If you repeat that issue update for all the issues with this label until you have no results in the search, then that label has been removed from the system.

Quy Duong I'm New Here Sep 13, 2017

For search:

For add/remove label, test with Postman

Method: PUT
Authorization: Type = Basic. Enter your Username/Password
   Key = Content-Type
   Value = application/json
Body: raw

{"update" : {"labels" : [{"add" : "add-new-label"}, {"remove" : "remove-label"}]}}



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