How do I sort the order of Releases in Roadmap view in Advanced Roadmaps?

Edward Ko January 11, 2021


I've setup epics and stories into releases in JIRA Advanced Roadmaps. In the Releases tab I have organised the ranking/order of the releases as per below.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.07.51 am.png

In the Roadmap tab, I have grouped the issues by Releases, and Sorted by Rank. The issue I have is the ordering of the Releases in this view doesn't match the ordering in the Releases tab. I have also changed to different Sort By options with no luck.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 10.06.37 am.pngAppreciate if someone could advise if there anything I am missing or doing incorrectly? Thanks.

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Joel Santos April 26, 2022

It took me ages to figure this one out.

In the releases view, you can click on the three dots on each release, and assign them an END date. That's what used to sort them in Advanced Roadmaps. Releases without an end date are placed at the end of the list. Start date doesn't seem to trigger any reordering.

It's quite annoying because you might not know when they are meant to end, but that's the only way I could sort them

Harry Knott March 12, 2024

That's helpful to explain it.  Looks like releases without end date are placed at the end *in random order* :/

Looks like there's a ticket for this for cloud, but not data centre as far as I can see:


It should apply the order from the version list, not the date 

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Bill Sheboy
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January 11, 2021

Hi @Edward Ko  -- Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

As you can see in this list of issues, many people would like sorting of releases improved.

On the releases tab, the default sort is the sequence created order...unless you drag and drop them as you noted.  I believe the last one in the list is considered the "next release" unless you have changed using a sort column.

I do not have Advanced Roadmaps, and I suspect that if you do not see Release under the sort options, it may not be possible.  I did not see it on the documentation page for Advanced Roadmaps.

Best regards,


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Veronique DUFOUR January 11, 2021

@Edward Ko I see on the Roadmap tab that the default sort is Rank. On the Releases tab is it possible to display the column Rank to check which order is it using on the Roadmap tab?

Edward Ko January 11, 2021

No there doesn't seem to be an option @Veronique DUFOUR . Only reason I know it relates to Rank in the releases tab is if I click and drag to rearrange, the change description in the Review Changes dialog states that I have changed the Rank.

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