How do I make the API Token active in BulkOps app?

Tammy Aulston February 8, 2022

I am trying to use the Bulk Ops app to bulk delete users.  But when I go to settings>configurations, it says my API Token is inactive.

In Jira Cloud, i have created an API Token and it has provided me an 'organizational api' and 'api key', but neither work or show active.

What am i missing?  This is the first time I have messed with API keys.

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Levente Bedő May 9, 2022


I have the same issue here.


I've created a personal API token (API token connected to my account), but it's listed as inactive. It's been suggested to do this by the help button of the App.

I've also tried with an Org. based API token (API token connected to my Atlassian Org.)

Neither of the above seems to work :(

Levente Bedő May 9, 2022

Hi again,

the solution for me was to use the UPN during the registration process. The best way to do the registration to BulkOps is to use your primary auth ID and a personal token.



1) I've registered based on my email first. Personal token didn't activate.

2) I've registered based on my UPN. Personal token didn't activate.


Steps to make it work from there

3) Deleted my email based account.

4) Now I could log in to my UPN based account. Personal token didn't activate.

5) Deleted my UPN based account too.

6) Re-registered my UPN based account and pasted my Personal token again.

7) Refreshed the page and my token got activated :)


Note: You may have UPN if you have SAML auth with your organization (federated auth).


Please let me know if this works for you too!
Good luck, L

Ed Letifov _TechTime - New Zealand_
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May 9, 2022

Hello, @Levente Bedő 

I believe this might have worked for you, but knowing how Cloud identifies users, and how SAML works via Atlassian Access – this most likely is a coincidence of how your organisation has configured your SAML connection.

This won't be a solution for everyone and it would be best to get to the bottom of this with the creator of the app, via support channel listed on Marketplace:

Derek_Ebrey March 15, 2024

Sorry, but this seems to be half of an answer.

What is UPN?

Where personal token come from?

New to Attlassian Cloud and Bulkops and need to delete over 3,000 users as the guy that migrated took over the whole organisation rather than the 70ish users we need.

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