Having an issue with board not displaying tickets using issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("filter")

Jeff Stack March 5, 2024

I have this query I created for a filter(filter-name1):

  • project in ("Project 1", "Project 2", "Project 3", "Project 4", "Project 5, "Project 6") AND (issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("filter = 'filter-name2'")

filter-name 2: labels = label-name

The filter returns results.  However, when I create a Scrum Board using the filter, filter-name1, no results are displayed for the board.

I tried using the labels field in the query directly:

  • project in ("Project 1", "Project 2", "Project 3", "Project 4", "Project 5, "Project 6") AND (issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("labels = label-name")

and got the same results, query returns results but no results are displayed for the board.

I've tried a number of different combinations for the filter and have gotten nowhere for the board.

I'm on Jira Server v9.12.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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John Connolly March 5, 2024

Hi @Jeff Stack A couple of thoughts...

A Scrum board will only show on the board, issues that have a current active sprint assigned to them.  The Backlog view for the board should show the work that matches the results of your filter thought.  A Kanban board with that filter should show all of the issues.  Do you have a Sprint assigned to the issues you are expecting to see on your Scrum Board?

Also - and this likely has nothing to do with your filter issues showing on a Scrum Board(!) - You might be missing a closing bracket from the filter at the very end...there are 3 opening parentheses and only 2 closing...

Hope this helps!

Jeff Stack March 6, 2024

Hi John.  That was a typo.  This is the correct query:

  • project in ("Project 1", "Project 2", "Project 3", "Project 4", "Project 5, "Project 6") AND (issueFunction in linkedIssuesOf("labels = label-name"))

I understand about issues not showing on a Scrum board without a Sprint value.  I should have been more specific.  Zero tickets display in the Backlog.

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