For custom embedding of Issues Collectors, auto-update fields after initialization?

Andrew Fisher March 24, 2024

When using the custom embedding of an issue collector in a webpage (per this documentation) does anyone know if it's possible to automatically set the value of fields after the collector has been initialized & triggered?  Or somehow query the detail of the collector before setting the values?

My use case is as follows.  I have my issue collector being shown and my javascript auto-populates simple text fields without any problem.  I want to auto-populate some select fields, and to use the example in the linked page above and the section called "Select list example with issue priority", although I might know the issue is "Critical", I'd need to figure out whether to pass in a value or "1" or "2" (as opposed to the passing in "Blocker" or "Critical").  My thinking was that I could use document.getElementById inside the collector iframe to translate my intended value (e.g. "Critical") into the required value (e.g. "2").  However, these elements are not visible / accessible until after the collector has been displayed, and I haven't had any success with having javascript update the field values after the collector is initialized.

(For the various select fields I want to be able to support, in theory I could use the REST API to get options & values, although I'd prefer to avoid this, to keep things simple, avoid additional authentication etc).

Thanks for any ideas / suggestions

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