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Error in Automation creating a condition to issue transition if subtask is done (cycle)

Hi! I need help, the following automation rule is failing and I don't know why.

I want to make the issue stays in the same status if subtask is not done yet, and instead if it is done, this can go to the next process.

It works well for me in general for both, the issue stays in the same status if the subtask is not complete yet, and it can go on to the next process, but it still gives me an error

As you can see in the following image, this is the automation


This is in spanish, this happend when it works, only to stays in the first process:

Detalles de la acción:
Bloque if
Las siguientes incidencias no coincidieron con la condición:
Bloque if/else
Se han aprobado las siguientes reglas:
Realizar transición de incidencia
Se ha realizado la transición de las incidencias a
Comentar sobre incidencia
No se ha añadido ningún comentario nuevo desde que se comentó la incidencia:

And the error shows up when i want to transfer the issue:

Detalles de la acción:
Bloque if
Se han aprobado las siguientes reglas:
Realizar transición de incidencia
No se ha podido resolver el estado de destino. Si usas un valor inteligente, asegúrate de que este se resuelva en un ID de estado numérico o un nombre sin traducir para las incidencias (con el estado actual):
OP-16 (Gestión de Unidad - 10131)
Comentar sobre incidencia
Comentario añadido a la incidencia
Se ha realizado la transacción debido a que todos los Documentos iniciales se encuentran completos.

I need help, it works but i dont want the red mark in automation, and need to know if something is wrong

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Hello @Felipe Wilke 

Welcome to the community.

The error translated to English is

"Failed to resolve target state. If you use a smart value, make sure it resolves to a numeric status ID or untranslated name for issues (with current status):
OP-16 (Unit Management - 10131)"

This generally occurs for one of two reasons.

1. The Status you are trying to change the issue to is not a Status that is part of that Issue Type's workflow. Check the Workflow for that issue type and confirm that the Status you specified is part of it.

2. The Actor for the Automation Rule does not have permission to change the Issue to that Status. There may be a Condition specified in the transition between the two statuses that prevents the Actor specified for the Rule from making the transition, or the Actor for the Rule may not have been allocated the Transition Issue permission in the Permission Scheme of the project. The Actor for the Rule is shown on the Rule Details page.

I did everything you told me and also in a similar case and the only solution I found was to flip the constraint and delete the rest.


The problem now persists in another automation that I want to do the same but in a subtask that has a relationship with the value of a field, it show me the same error


I tried everything, I checked that the status correspond to the workflow, if I have any condition, change the automation rule autor, and I don't know if I'm wrong in the logic of restrictions or it's a jira problem associated with my account, I'm the administrator .

Who is the Actor for the Rule?

Can you show us the details of each element of the rule?

- the Trigger

- the IF condition

- the Actions

In addition to the two ideas I already mentioned, a third possible cause is that there is no transition in the workflow to the new Status from the Status currently assigned to the issue.

Can you show us the diagram for the workflow for the issue that triggered the rule?

What is the Status of the issue that triggered the rule at the time it triggered the rule?

Can you show us the Conditions tab for the transition that would occur given the current Status of the issue and the Status to which you are trying to change it?

I have been changing the actor for the rule, with my name, the administrator, and Automation for Jira, and it doesn't work with any of those names.

I'll show the elements

it start when i make a transition


then the conditions, it is through a field with 3 options, I want that if there is any of two options, it returns to the initial state, and "else" if it's equal to a value (last option), the transition can be made


then i have the actions, the most important is to transfer the issueca4.PNG

i've change status for a loop, and still doesn't work

I attach the workflow that triggers the rule


And i have no condition in any transition

Sorry! I realize that the workflow doesn't have a back transition to the first status, it works when i put a new transition, my bad!


i hope this question would help the people, thanks!

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