Displaying filter with a Wiki Style renderer custom field in a Confluence page

Maria Yacoub November 18, 2020

Hello all,


I encounter an issue when using a Custom fields with Wiki Style Renderer.

I have a custom field "Last comment" define with the following SIL Script : 


string[] lastCommentDetails = getLastComment(key);

return lastCommentDetails["text"];
return "";

In the field configuration of my project, for this custom field, I select as Renderer "Wiki Style Renderer". 

Then I create a filter and watch the column "Last comment". I get this :


The column displays correctly my custom field "Last comment" with Wiki Renderer Style.

But when I create a Confluence page and call for my filter (and select the column "Last comment" in display options), I get the following result : 


filter_without_wiki_renderer.PNGI would like to have on my Confluence page the same display as in my filter in Jira.

Do you have any idea why I have this issue and how can I resolve it?


Thank you,

Maria Yacoub

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Amaury de Raulin March 13, 2024

Same problem here.
This post dates back from 2020... Anyone found a solution ?

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