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Justin Sipiceanu August 1, 2018

Problem statement: cannot easily distinguish the priority arrows and their colors when viewing a list.

Question: instead of displaying the arrows for priority is it possible to switch to simply display the priority name? ("Highest", "High", "Medium" etc)? 

I'm aware that another custom icon could be added, but I'm interested in using the already available "Priority Name" ("Highest", "High", "Medium"...) and simply displaying that instead of the priority icon (the arrow icons). 

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Maya Schuster Tzabary April 7, 2019

it is a problem for our team too, since we have a color-blind team member

It would be much better (to my opinion) to have the priority NAME as default, and not the icon

Daniel Vest January 31, 2023

@Maya Schuster Tzabary 
I know your posted is older, but I saw you comment about this issue while looking for something else I wanted to share with you (and others on this thread) how we just solved this in our JSD (cloud). 

I simply created a custom field (TicketPriority) that is a single select dropdown with the same choices as our System Priorities. Then I created a rule to watch for when the value of Priority changed, then it would edit the new TicketPriority with the smart value of the issue {{issue.Priority.name}}

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I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 26, 2024

If you have a plugin like Table Filter, Charts & Spreadsheets for Confluence, you could use a table transformer macro with an embedded Jira report and the following code in the macro:

CAST(T1.'P' AS String) as 'Priority'

This displayed the priority, column T1.'P', as just the text. I realize this may not be helpful for users who don't have this specific macro/plugin, but you may be able to use other macros or write your own user macro to perform type casting like this.

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Ashley Newman July 13, 2021

Can someone help me with this issue please. I am still trying to add names to the priorities in a dashboard gadget called "Filter Results" on Jira Service Management dashboard and can't figure out how to use the plugin. Any help would be appreciated!

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Benjamin LELLOUCHE March 30, 2021

You can easily change icons and priority colours on the tickets set-up parameters.

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Steven F Behnke
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August 1, 2018

It's not possible out of the box. Can you tell us if you're on Jira Cloud or Jira Server? I can guide you to change this if you're on a self-hosted environment.

Justin Sipiceanu August 1, 2018

We're on Jira Cloud :-). 

Erick Liong September 21, 2018

@Steven F Behnke

Hi Steven, I recently upgraded JIRA from v. 7.2.4 to v. 7.11 and on self-hosted environment. Could you please share how to change the priority to display "name" (ie. Highest, high, etc)instead of "icon"?


Thank you


Steven F Behnke
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Rising Star
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September 23, 2018

I put it in a plugin to save time. For self-hosted installations -- https://bitbucket.org/sfbehnke/navigator-priority-prettytext


You can download the plugin via the downloads page --

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Erick Liong September 24, 2018

Thank you Steven for the pointer.  Adding the Priority name/word next to the icon is good, but the issue is that we have a issue filter set up every week that we export the filter result to Microsoft Word so we can copy and paste the information such as "Key, Summary, Status, Priority, Reporter, etc"

Reason to export to WORD:

  • We would copy and paste the issues tickets to a different column table for formatting.

The problem:

  • When we export the filter result, the Priority "Icon" does not display properly. Thus, the priority column is blank when as it won't show the image.
  • In the past, it would display the Priority name (Highest, high, medium, low, lowest)
drew_mace May 29, 2019

@Steven F Behnke 

Your solution works nicely for the Issue Navigator.  I would also like to display the priority label on Dashboards as well in each gadget that has the priority column.  I have yet to figure out a way to get that to work.  My initial thought was to change the selector to the following


but unfortunately something with Dashboards is preventing the label for inserting.


Would you have any suggestions?

Mia Bramel July 29, 2019

@Steven F Behnke I just downloaded your plugin today. Everything looks great when I view my issues in the Issue Navigator. However, I would like to view the Priority text in the Printable view (Export --> Printable) as well. Unfortunately, it automatically reverts to just the Priority icon when I export to printable view. Would you happen to know how I can view the text, as well as the icon, in the printable view?


Thank you so much!

ext-Aarne Ylä-Rotiala January 21, 2021

Priorities used to be text. This colored arrow feature is really unwelcome. High, medium, low is useful. 

Will this come back?


I notice that in export to excel the column has these values. Perhaps one should stop doing priorities in Atlassian and use Microsoft  excel instead. If nothing else, excel allows the user to choose formats!

Nicholas Mancini March 3, 2021

Agreed - the arrows are highly unusable!

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Daniel Vest January 31, 2023

@Nicholas Mancini using a custom field with an automation rule can really help! I commented on this above in this thread...I also used the same process for displaying Issue Type as text instead of symbol.

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