Discord integrations with Jira/Atlassian Apps?

Scion August 8, 2020

Discord has really grown in terms of popularity, and I know that many small teams have started preferring it to Slack.

So I was wondering if anyone here uses a Discord to Jira (or confluence or bitbucket) integration system. If so, what do you use? Something like Zapier or Integromat? Or your own bot?

How is this solution working for you? (Is it perfect or is it too limited etc.)

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Scion March 9, 2021

To answer my initial question for future visitors.

I have made a public repository for a Discord to Jira bot called AgileBot, and it can found here.

The downloadable releases for Windows, Mac, and Linux are now available!

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Daniel Eads
Atlassian Team
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August 10, 2020

While there don't appear to be any Discord integration options in the Atlassian Marketplace right now, here are some options you could consider:

The major limitation with all these options are that they're webhook based, so you're limited to things you can do with a webhook. This means that they're also Jira -> Discord oriented, so you won't be able to do things like search for Jira issues from within Discord.


Daniel M_ Ingram February 8, 2021

Thanks! Also would love to see a Discord integration with Atlassian, as my team definitely prefers it to Slack.

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Łukasz Wiatrak December 10, 2022

Discord for Jira has been recently released on Atlassian Marketplace

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Łukasz Wiatrak December 10, 2022

You can use the recently released Discord for Jira integration app (it's on Atlassian Marketplace). At the time of writing, it supports:

  • Sending notifications to Discord server channel(s) about new and/or updated Jira issues (configured on project level),
  • Sending user notifications when mentioned or watching issue (configured on user level),
  • Registering Jira Service tickets from Discord,
  • Creating new Jira issues from Discord.
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leandiez February 10, 2021

Idem here, I think a Discord integration would be wonderful for my team since is a very flexible platform and keep us connected.

Scion February 10, 2021

I have actually developed a very simple prototype Discord bot application and it works great for our small team!

It doesn't do anything super complicated yet, but it certainly has the potential to be sweet.

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Daniel M_ Ingram February 10, 2021

Interesting! Is that Discord integration something that is ready to be made more widely available?

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leandiez February 10, 2021

@ScionThat's cool. Can you share the project or is something private? We are open to develop our own tools also, but if there is something done it will be welcome :)


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Scion February 10, 2021

@Daniel M_ Ingram @leandiez 

It's still very rough, just some code I throw up on my server, but it actually may be something I'm willing to make into an open-source project.

It's currently made in C# using Atlassian.SDK and Discord.net.

If you are interested, give me a week or so and I can tidy it up a bit and post it to a public GitHub or BitBucket, whichever you'd prefer.

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Daniel M_ Ingram February 11, 2021

Very kind of you! Yes, GitHub would be great. Much appreciated!

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Steve Milburn February 25, 2021

+1   I'm here for exactly this. A client is keen to see some basic event notification in his product discord, could do Zapier but...

Scion February 25, 2021

Just an update: I have not forgotten this, I've been just busy with an important release for work this month. I'll get it up as soon as I can.

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Daniel M_ Ingram February 26, 2021

Thanks for the update! Very appreciated even if it takes a while!

CGeorges March 4, 2021

+1 looking forward! Thank you

Scion March 9, 2021

Hey everyone!

I have made a public repository for AgileBot here.

The project is quite rough, but it should work for most casual use-cases.

I'm still working on releases, but you should be able to cole the repo and build the application for your desired platform.


Edit: The downloadable releases for Windows, Mac, and Linux are now available!

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Una Henk February 25, 2022

When some of our employees suggested integrating the workflow into Discord, many agreed with this idea. But we, just like you, met with the problem that integration without third-party programs is impossible. Then we decided to look for a suitable bot, but unfortunately, we didn't find it. As a result, we decided that every creator has different bot needs and created our bot based on the list of the best. At first, it was not easy to understand all the nuances. But after a couple of weeks of hard work, we succeeded. If you are interested, I can share screenshots of our code. Good luck!

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KonstantinK October 24, 2023

New Discord bot for Jira integration: https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=1164194962901057546&permissions=0&scope=applications.commands%20bot 

It allows:

  • Get notifications in Discord space about Jira updates
  • Customize your notifications (select events type and format of notifications)
  • Set up regular Jira reminders, for example, show all Open tickets each day in the morning or something more complicated using your Jira filters

It works with Jira Server and Cloud

I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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March 20, 2024

Is it possible to set up the channel in which notifications are sent ?

It is flooding our general channel for my team of 5

KonstantinK March 26, 2024

The bot sends notifications to the channel you set up notifications in. Did you use /watch in #general and set up notifications there? 

So, if you set them up in #example-channel using the/watch command, the bot will send them there. Make sure the bot has access to the channel before starting to set up notifications. 

If smth works differently from what I described - let me know and we will investigate thissue. 

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Anca Onuta June 17, 2021

Hi everyone, we develop a Scrum bot for Discord that integrates with Jira. It helps us and our users to automatically update the Jira issues the teams work on while reporting their Daily + help report the daily based on Jira updates.

You can also list issues, etc. We made a video here: https://youtu.be/aQz6B87eC4g

And the setup steps:

1. Connect Jira with Discord server with Orli Scrum bot for Discord: https://orli.ai/help-center/get-started-with-jira-integration-how-to-connect-orli-to-jira/

2. Connect each Jira user to Orli: https://orli.ai/help-center/link-your-discord-user-with-your-jira-user/

3. List of Jira supported commands: 

1. Connect to Jira Server

!orli-jira-config "https://orli.atlassian.net" "human@orli.ai" "JIRA_API_C9Ee57ZabJgwkhjq1ag81B26" 

2. Connect every Discord user to their Jira user

!orli-jira-config-user "JIRA_USER_ID_2efb394d09d41rb90bb11a03bb" 

3. List all the Jira projects


4. List your Jira stories


5. Show the information of a Jira ticket

!orli-jira-get-item-details ORLI-1

6. Move Jira item to the next available status

!orli-jira-update-item-status OR-12

7. Show Jira project workflow (used for daily automation)


We are release new functionalities every week, so please feel free to hop on our Discord Server and ask for any feature you need. We prioritise the most wanted features first.

James Bickerton November 14, 2021

Why does teams prefer Discord over Slack?

CGeorges November 14, 2021

In my case it's because we're a game studio, so we're closer to our community and also way better at screen sharing.

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James Bickerton November 14, 2021


Sun October 9, 2022


I can't see your video on youtube.
Could you please share the video?

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