Dashboard gadget that can show a KPI or statistic ( comparing 2 dates)

Elsa Navarro February 20, 2024


I would truly appreciate some help with the following:

I am using Jira DataCenter. I  have no possibility of buying any apps or plugins, etc (please dont suggest on the answers, no chance)

I have certain metrics / KPIS i need to keep track:


Customer Inquiry  Date (Max 2 days to reply) VS     Our Reply Date

Quote Requested Date (  Max 2 days to reply) VS    Date we confirmed Request

                                                                  VS   Date we sent Quote  ( max 10 days )


 Order Received Date  ( Max 2 days)    VS   Our Order Confirmation


 so I would like   :

1.- A gadget on the Dashboard that can show me either a graph or reporting, that compares these 2 variables ( comparing 2 date inputs)  in this point even if the reporting  would be outside of the dashboard, i would still be interested to know how to do so )

2.- if No.1 not possible, at very least that the gadget shows me.. when those 2 days are about to expire , as a time tracker, or  a countdown, or a reminder  ( I tried the calendar gadget but it s not  useful)

3.-and /or count the days overdue  customer request- Our answer = days overdue


Thank you so much

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Mark Segall
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February 20, 2024

Hi @Elsa Navarro - Unfortunately, there are a lot of limitations to the native dashboard functionality, but what you're looking for is possible:

  1. Comparing 2 date inputs: You can create three separate gadgets leveraging the Filter Results gadget which will show issue by issue in a tabular view.  Each would be respectively configured like this:
    1. Gadget 1: Show the Key, Summary, Customer Inquiry Date, and Reply Date fields
    2. Gadget 2: Show the Key, Summary, Quote Requested Date, and Date Confirmed fields
    3. Gadget 3: Show the Key, Summary, Order Received Date, and Order Confirmed fields
  2. About to Expire: As with #1, you would use the Filter Results gadget once again.  The backend filters would look something like this (adjust what I have in bold as needed:
    1. "Customer Inquiry Date" < 5d
    2. "Quote Requested Date" < 5d
  3. Count the Days: You won't get this from a dashboard sadly. If this is important, you'd probably want to capture this with the a custom field and native Jira Automation which would trigger on a schedule so it would not be in real time.


Elsa Navarro February 23, 2024

Thank you for your help! I appreciate it

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