Create a jira issue using IFTTT macro and assign particular request type to a specific person

Anubhav Kumar Rajat
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I'm New Here
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March 5, 2024

Hey I'm working on a confluence confiform and I'm using it to accept some input from a user and creating a jira issue based on that. And I also want to add assignee field and assigned it to specific person say "Abhinav Sinha". But Im getting:

" Error communicating with Jira, {"errorMessages":[],"errors":{"assignee":"User 'Sinha, Abhinav' does not exist."}} "

Below is my JSON script that I placed inside the IFTTT macro for jira:


   "fields": {
         "key": "ABC"
      "issuetype"         : {  "name": "Request" },
      "customfield_18600" : "[entry.enteredby]",
      "customfield_18601" : "[]",
      "labels": ["[entry.malcode]"], 
      "summary" :           "[entry.newsummary]",
      "priority": {
            "name": "[entry.urgency.label]"
      "customfield_10002" : 89707,
      "assignee": {
            "name": "[Sinha, Abhinav]"
      "description": "[entry.Description.escapeJSON] \n\n {noformat} \n\n #submittername: [entry.enteredby] \n\n #submitteremail: [] \n\n #requesttype: [entry.requesttype.label] \n\n #appname: [entry.appname] \n\n #malcode: [entry.malcode]\n\n {noformat}" 


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