Compare two dates and create an SLA for cloud

idanlahat4 May 29, 2019



I was looking around for a way to compare two dates (custom date and resolved date) in the cloud version without an add on.

I found a way and wanted to share:

IF you use the following query:

 "Planned Completion Date" < startOfDay() AND (resolutiondate > startOfDay() OR resolutiondate is EMPTY) 

What is does is:

"Planned Completion Date" < startOfDay()- the SLA can only be breached if the planned date is in the past.

(resolutiondate > startOfDay() OR resolutiondate is EMPTY) - Once a ticket was resolved it will be greater than the start of the day and then the clock will stop, and of course if its still open it breached. 

I tested it and it works, once the ticket is closed it will show the time after the planned date was past. 2019-05-29 10_19_05-Facilities Help Desk - Service Desk.png


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