Change Request Custom FieldS with embedded numeral values, then totaled numeral for prioritization

CHESTER RAMOS October 23, 2021

Hi all

Good day to you. I was wondering if you can give me some pointers.
Our company has put JIRA ITSM on prod back in May and it has been working smoothly, at the moment we are implementing JIRA Business Project as a general project management tool across all depertments.

We have a form in JIRA ITSM known as "IT Project Request" and we have categorized projects priority levels (at least in IT's point of view) below:

1. Standard Project - Patches or minor edit to a system (eg: adding new field) -- Approx completon is 5 working days.
2. Simple - Minor edits to the existing source codes that will not impact the software or the organization -- Approx Completion is 10 days.
3. Complex - Multi System/platform change of source codes , multi QA , testings and such..etc -- Approx Completion is 30 days.
4. Emergency - A project that has been initiated due to a recent IT , Operational incident that requires fixed asap. -- approx completion asap.

Since the options above are from the point of view of IT (therefore understanding ITSM in general) , we currently have issues in implementing such priority level across department that does not have knowledge with ITSM in general, therefore all projects , system enhancement or change requested by them are considered "Emergency"... And the IT Department are being escalated to the higher management as some of their request are not being prioritized (eg: A non-IT department is expecteing a Complex system project to be completed in 3 days (inter-vendor finance system migration))

Right now, I am thinking of adding custom fields to the existing form that are leaning towards "Business Selection", such as

1. If the request is not implemented asap, wil the organization lost profit? (drop down custom field perhaps)
2. If the request is not implemented asap, will your cease operation? (dropdown perhaps)
3. Dropdown for estimated cost of the project.... etc

.... (I found the attached screen cap from a PM site, I was thinking of utilizing the collumn field as selection fields)

Anyways, what I am trying to established are:

Each "Business" questons custom fields will be emebeded a numeric sum (Back end automation rules), once the fields are all answered, the numerals based on selection will be totaled.
A Priortization rule will be created based on totaled sum.

Eg: "If total sum of all "Field names" is equal to 5 , create priority level as Emergency, therefore expected completion is 5 days"

Of course, it will still be natural for non-IT department to answer the custom fields to make it sound as an emergency, but IT department will responsd with the actual SOW in the comment section.

Process flow:

Request form with custom fields (numeric sum at the back end) --> IT will receive the request with draft priority level for assesment (provide comment on actual work to be done) --> ... other departmental approvals.


Off topic, can I also use a single request ITSM form that will use different workflow based on the actual numerical calculation?

Thanks for your time guys..

Appreciate your assitance



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Fadrick Taylor _SEO_
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March 30, 2024


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John Funk
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October 25, 2021

Hi Chester,

I would create a separate custom number field for each question you have that has text in it's answer. So you have Question 1 with drop down values. I would create a custom number field for Question 1 Number or some name like that for each of the fields. 

Then create another custom number field for the total of the others. Maybe Questions Total. 

Then create an automation rule that fires when any of the question number fields are updated and all 3 of the fields have a value. 

Then edit the total field to sum the question number fields. The code will look like:


where the customfield numbers match the question number fields. 

Then you can create your second rule that fires when the total field is updated. 

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CHESTER RAMOS October 23, 2021

Apology for the confusing first post.. but to simplify ... I would like to automate location of a kids party based on answer in drop-down custom fields: 

Custom fields for 1 ITSM form:

1. What theme do you like in a birthday party?
    A. Super Heroes (numeric value 1)
    B. Princess (numeric value 2)
    C. Cowboy (numeric value 3)

Answer: A

2. What is your favourite color?
    A. Red (1)
    B. Blue (2)
    C. Green (3)

Answer : C

3. How many kids are invited?
   A. <10 (1) 
   B. <30 (2)
   C. <50 (3)
Answer: C 

Automatiom rule will add the numeric values based on the answers select (for this case, answer is 7)

Then there is another automation rule that will have the following clauses

If the total summed up value is <4, then location of party will be at home. 
If the total summed up value is between 5 and 6, then party will be in a resturant.
If the summed up value is more than 6, then party will be in a resort. 

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