Can't Sync JIRA 7.2.3 with Trello

We have JIRA 7.2.3 and Add-on Trello Connector for Jira Server installed.

We have also enabled the JIRA Power-Up in Trello.

Regardless of the URL that we enter into Trello, we get the error "Not a valid JIRA URL". 

We can't find any documentation online about this.

Can anyone provide an example of a correct URL?

Or additional configuration that we've missed?



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Rich here from the Trello team. Looks like we had an issue with the power-up service validating the Jira server. I've fixed the issue and deployed the fix. Sorry about that. No need to re-install the app/addon inside Jira... just go to your Trello board then try to the integration setup again.

You're right, overlooked that. I assume you have that app installed? It also sounds like this may be a bug in Trello URL parsing right now. Are you putting in the URL with HTTPS?

Yes we've got the app installed, and I've tried both with and without HTTPS with a variety of URLs including base JIRA URL and project/board specific URLs.

So far no joy...

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