Can Jira Software Data Center automate task delegation based on ticket submissions?

Ganesh Satav March 3, 2024

Hello Everyone,

I have a request from one of our clients who requires a system for delegating tasks among team members during their absence from the office.

The process begins when a user, anticipating an absence, submits a ticket on Jira. This ticket will detail the start and end times of their absence and designate a colleague to whom their tasks should be delegated.

My objective is to implement a global automation rule within the Jira platform that responds to these tickets. This rule will automatically process the information contained in the tickets to delegate tasks accordingly. I plan to design a template for this automation rule to ensure a standardized approach.

Could anyone advise if the Jira Software Data Center version supports the creation of such a global automation feature based on ticket information?

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Fabian Lim
Community Leader
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March 3, 2024

Hi @Ganesh Satav

For DC take a look at this:

It's using jira automation. There are also various plugins that can help. 

Good luck.

John Connolly March 3, 2024

Hi @Ganesh Satav . What @Fabian Lim said re: smart assignment of issues! :).  The 'template' you describe would probably be a series of conditions you add to the automation.

Can I clarify that you want the rule to fire during the time period nominated in the ticket (Ticket 1) the user taking the absence has input. And then for subsequent tickets that are ordinarily assigned to the person who is absent that those tickets get assigned to another alternate assignee that was nominated in Ticket 1 ?  

If this is correct, I'm not sure that this is possible to do since it involves Jira needing to be aware of a time period designated in a ticket, look for any new tickets raised during that time period that are assigned to a particular user, and then re-assign those tickets to another designated person...all based on data in a ticket. 

If I had this problem, I'd make part of the process manual.  Perhaps have these absence request tickets assigned to someone who can manually create an automation rule that does the reassignment for the given time period.  I'd likely getn them to just create a simple automation that is triggered when a piece of work is assigned to the absent person, set some conditions around created date (after x date and before y date) and checking whether the assignee is the absent person and then assign the ticket to the alternate assignee.


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