Automation rule for last sub-task is done, all other sub-tasks shall be done as well

Jar Lady March 13, 2024

How do I set automation rule such that if the last sub-task is done, the rest of the related sub-tasks together under the same epic is also marked as done? When I try to set the automation rule, it cannot find any related sub-tasks at all.

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March 13, 2024

Hello @Jar Lady , 

Welcome to the community!

Could you please share the snippet of the automation rule that you have already setup, You can mask the personal or confidential information in the snippet. 

Something like this : 

Screenshot 2024-03-13 at 11.41.30 PM.png

This would help us having a better understanding of your setup. 

We might also need to review how your Epic and subtasks are setup on Issue. Another snippet for this would be insightful. 

I am also interested to know how are you planning to identify the last subtasks in the epic . Is it through the last update or Issue key number or last created subtask based on creation date?

Looking forward to hearing back. 

Jar Lady March 13, 2024


My use case is this:

I want to create an epic "Cook Pasta" and trigger an automation rule that populates 2 tasks and 2 sub-tasks:

Epic: Cook Pasta

Task 1) Prepare ingredients

Sub-task 1A) Cut ingredients into bite-sized pieces

Task 2) Cook food 

Sub-task 2B) Pre-heat the pan

Task 3) Serve food

Sub-task 3A) Do the finishing and bring to customer

Once the tasks are populated, they will be in the "To Do" status. I want an automation rule to set all the tasks and subtasks belonging to the same Epic to be set as "Done" as long as the last task 3A) is marked as "Done" even if there could be no status updates to the tasks done before 3A as the chefs can forget to update at times. How to make this possible? I have attached the screenshot of the 2 automation rules 1) Auto creation of tasks 2) Closing of tasks, but they couldn't picked up all the related tasks and sub-tasks to transition to Done. 

Jar Lady March 31, 2024

Hello, I still couldn't get that figured. If last sub task is done, how do I find the related Task, Story and Epic to close? How do I configure that in automation rule?

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