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Automation error - limit reached

Hi there!

I started using Jira yesterday. I've created an automatic role which sends an email notification to the assignee once a day, at a specific time, from Monday to Friday. 

First I got a problem that it won't send an email until I put a specific email address manually.

I was changing some settings to try and make it work but I triggered it only around 10 times.

Now I'm getting an error: 

The limit for Free Plan is 100 per day so I shouldn't be out of quota.

Have you got any idea why that's happening? 


3 answers

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Andy Heinzer Atlassian Team Sep 14, 2022

Hi Anna,

I see that you have created a support ticket for this problem over in

Once that issue has been resolved, I would recommend posting back here with the details of the solution here. 

For other users that might come across this, Jira Cloud sites that only have free plans have a 100 email limit daily.  This limit is across Jira, and not specific to just automation in Jira.   But any notifications that automation sends, also fall into that daily limit.

Paid plans do not have this limit.  You can start an evaluation of standard or premium support. However it is possible that you still might see a similar limitation in an evaluation.  If you do, please create a support case by going to

How could we have overlooked that!? 

Sometimes we get lost in the weeds. Thanks for pointing that out @Andy Heinzer 

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Hello @Anna Machala 

The limit applies collectively to all Automation Rules that have a global context.

You need to check for other Automation Rules that have a global context (ones not limited to a single project) and see how many times they were triggered. Additionally, if the rule you are working on has a global context, the time you triggered it may not be the only times it was triggered. Activity by other users may have caused it to be triggered.

Hi Trudy, thanks for replying!

I'm the only user and there's only one project that I'm working on and testing rules with so I'm pretty confident there's nothing else consuming the limit.

Can you show us the rule, and the audit log that includes the error?

This article indicates there is a limit of 100 emails sent in a 24h period for the Free plan.

And this article specifies the limits on Automation rule executions for global and multi-project rules for the Free plan.

Are you still getting the error today?

Can you change your rule to run against only one project and see if the error still occurs?

I’ve checked it once today and it worked but only when I clicked ‘Run Rule’ manually.

I suspect that something might be wrong with my Rule (I've attached the photo).
I’d like to Jira send the email to the assignee on the due date at 9:30 (Right now I was changing the time for testing).


Thank you for your help!

Oh, and the error was:



How many issues are retrieved by the rule? It should show a list of items that match the JQL in the audit log.

You said you only triggered the rule about 10 times, but the email sending limitation would apply to the number of emails the rule is sending, not just the number of times the rule is triggered. If each run retrieves 10 issues, then 10 triggers of the rule would hit the 100 email limit.

There are only two issues that match this rule, so that's not the problem. I've got an email from support that they've delete the limit temporarily. Right now I'm struggling with the fact that this rule won't run until I click 'Run' manually'.

I think there might be something wrong with CRON syntax.

The CRON timing will be evaluated against the Time Zone setting for your instance, not the time zone setting from you account Preferences. Have you factored that in?

Yes, I've changed that as well. 

Is there any other place than this one: settings > System > General Configuration. Then Edit Settings?

No, that is the only place that I know of where the System time zone is specified.

I am pretty much out of ideas at this point.

Since you are on the Free subscription you don't have access to Atlassian support, but maybe one of the Community Leaders like @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ might be able to get them involved in this.

Yes, thanks @Trudy Claspill this is definitely one that needs to go up to Atlassian support, we can't work out where it's coming from.  Community leaders (of which you should be) have a couple of ways of asking Atlassian.  So I will.

I've not taken the extra steps to get the "community leader" appellation. :)

I asked why you arent a leader a while back, the answer was just that there are a couple of boxes you've chosen not to tick.  Yet. 

Which is understandable, leaders get more noise, and that's not really welcome (for example, people tagging us in questions we've already chosen not to answer)

But we do get some good stuff - Atlassian leaders slack, attention when we flag questions as needing something from Atlassian and so on. 

I'd also talk about the welcome you would get at an AUG or Team gatherings, but you don't need a badge there - people know your name.

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Welcome to the Atlassian Community!

The limit is for all automations, not each rule.  You will fund you have a load of them running, it's not just the one you have created.

Thanks for answering but I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean that there are some that are created by default that are eating up my quota? 

No, there are no Automations created by default, but even if there were, you would see them in the list of global automations.  Please check your global automation lists.

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