Assigning Fix Version to Items with drag and drop

Jim Fischer December 18, 2019



We are quite often assigning multiple Fix Versions to different types of items in our Jira backlogs. To do this most often we drag the item in backlog view to the Fix version and drop it, and then it auto assigns. This is a very appreciated feature.

But this also removes all previously assigned Fix Versions and this is a problem for us. So we are wondering if there is some way to configure this drag feature to not replace Fix Versions but rather add to existing Fix versions.

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Jack Nolddor _Sweet Bananas_
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December 18, 2019

Hi Jim,
Sadly this cannot be configured

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Ian Hunter November 13, 2023

Good news for you, but not for me - in Atlassian's never-ending quest to add friction and frustration to developers' daily lives, this behaviour has been unilaterally changed to add instead of replace the version.

Gary Pinkham February 7, 2024

Was just coming here to find how to get the old backlog back.    Jesus they really do hate their users.  

Nicole Downes February 20, 2024

Now we can't seem to drag and drop into the Version unless we check the new box against the story.  Then you have to unclick those before you can do the next set of stories.  Very inconvenient.

This is way more time consuming than it used to be.

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Ed Chan February 21, 2022

It would be really helpful if "Shift" or any other key could denote Add to existing versions instead of replacing.

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Fabian Kiesewetter December 13, 2023

The recent change of making this the default behavior probably wasn't a good choice. This should rather be an option.

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