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Any recommendations on ACP-100 sample question test simulator sites


There seem to be dozens of websites that show demos of ACP-100 sample exam questions (For example to name a few)

[Edit: links removed because we don't want to make it easy for people to go to the wrong places]

I have looked at bunch of them and they all seem to have somewhat irrelevant questions and the answers provided in many cases seem to be wrong based on Atlassian documentation.

Has anyone found anything outside of Atlassian that is a viable option for practice exams? I have already taken all the sample questions under Atlassian that I can find.

Thank you,


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Don't use sites outside Atlassian's courses for these sources.  Most of them are poor quality, quickly get out of date, many have illegally scraped stuff so they can misrepresent it as useful content and get paid for it, and some are downright malicious.

The first two you've given here are parroting questions and answers that I remember writing while I was part of the team writing the exams.   I can even point out some of my own language and that's despite having a dreadful memory of what I was doing this time last year, let alone 4-5 years ago) .  They're from Jira server systems that are at least two major releases out of date.

Udemy is infinitely better, it's certainly not malicious or has any intent beyond "education", and it's generally up to date (assuming you check the date on the course) but it is just repeating stuff that is publically available.  It's not a bad thing, the tutors often look at it differently to the Atlassian trainers, developers, experts and exam writers, and that different angle can be a huge help.  But do check the dates on the content - Atlassian releases new stuff often, and actually has a problem with their own docs and training keeping up sometimes, let alone external courses!

The exams are very much pitched at people who have been Atlassian admins for a while, your experience matters a lot more than "book learning", although that absolutely has a place.  The exams aim to cover all aspects of admin, and I don't think I know anyone who has used every single thing Jira can do.  (I swapped my question writing on "triggers" with one of the others on the team, for example, I just couldn't write for that!)

So, while I'm saying "stick to the Atlassian material", it strikes me that your question is not really a technical one.  I don't think you really need to be looking for more practice.

You've completed the Atlassian offerings, so that suggests you know your stuff.  Looking for more tests to help you see/try more tells me that you aren't as confident as you would like to be.

But, what stands out in your question is that you say "... they all seem to have somewhat irrelevant questions and the answers provided in many cases seem to be wrong ...".

That screams to me that you know Jira far better than you think you do.  Being an Atlassian admin who can get the job done is one thing.  Being an Atlassian admin who can point out that other people's docs/exams/assumptions may be wrong is a couple of levels up from that.  You'll probably waltz through the exam and spend the last bit of it worrying that you missed something (that you didn't)

Julia Atlassian Team Aug 11, 2022

Right on, @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ ! 

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Thanks, Nic. You are probably right. I am probably over thinking this. Thanks for all of the content that you provide to this community.

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@Julia Hi Julia,

That is what I thought. I just wanted to confirm that.

Thank you for the new prep course. I didn't realize that this had been released. Does the current ACP-100 exam more closely resemble this course's exam topics, as opposed, to the ACP-100 Jira Administration for Server and Data Center Prep Course?

Are there any practice labs available for the ACP-100 exam anywhere in Atlassian University?

Thank you,


Julia Atlassian Team Aug 11, 2022

Hi @Tim Hailey , the exam topics themselves haven't changed. We don't have hosted labs for ACP-100.  However, the exam success course gives you step by step instructions on how to set up your own sandbox, and gives you lab challenges to guide you as you explore the product while you're studying.

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Julia Atlassian Team Aug 11, 2022

Hi @Tim Hailey , we don't recommend third party practice questions for the reasons you cited. In fact we strongly recommend against using them.

We just released a free Exam Success course for ACP-100, with new additional practice questions.  The course is our next generation cert prep companion and has a lot of new stuff in it.  Here's the link:

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