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SCK September 3, 2021


We have a need to show a pop up so that user can confirm(yes/no) while adding attachment to issue if attachment contains customer details in it.

What are the ways to achieve it? We couldn't think of any straight forward solution. May be we can add a warning message with behavior bur how to have yes/no confirmation?

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Fabian Lim
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September 4, 2021


You can try this, but I haven't done it myself and it will be a lot of work and cost money for a plugin.

One way I can think of is by using a transion that calls itself (link: and call it add attachment and a have a transition screen on it with the attachment customfield and the confirmation customfield (link:

Then remove the attachment customfield in the create and edit screens.

Now, you have to somehow disable the addition of attachments via the view screen. Or users will be able to add attachments without the new button. You can do this with scripting via the powerscripts plugin. You will be using live fields and lfexecutejs to disable the add attachment UI link. Link:

Cprime provides excellent support so you get stuck, feel free to contact them via chat or email.

SCK September 7, 2021

@Fabian Lim 

Thank you for sharing your knowledge, will test it out in our non-prod and keep this thread updated

NAYANA March 6, 2024

Did this work for you @SCK ? We are looking for something similar to warn users not to uploaded sensitive information or restricted data.

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