1 project with multiple boards, 1 independent sprint and sprint backlog per board


I've searched around in the forum, but I didn't find a conclusive answer to this. We have Jira 6.0.5 with Jira Agile setup. I basically have a project in there and within it multiple boards (3 so far) that correspond each to a development team.

I wanted each of these boards to have independent issues (and therefore independent sprint backlogs) and also completely independent sprints.

Right now the only way I'm seeing of solving this is creating a project for each team, but the way we're set up in the organisation is these 3 development teams developing 3 different products for the same project.

Is it a configuration problem of some sort?

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Pedro

Sprints are like issues: They are objects in their own right. This means that an issue can be attached to only one (current or future) sprint at a time.

I understand that you want to have a single backlog from which you flesh out sprints for each team. This is possible if you enable parallel sprints (https://confluence.atlassian.com/display/AGILE/JIRA+Agile+Labs)

However the planning view will show all of these planned sprints, so you may want to name the sprints accordingly so that each team can find theit sprints.

To my knowledge it is not possible to filter out sprints on a board, so anything coming from the same project backlog will show up.

As an alternative your idea of creating three different projects is not too bad. At least you will achieve planning views for each team which are not "polluted" by the other teams sprint planning.

Handing over issues can be done using a filter like

project in (<proj A>) or assignee in (<my list of team members>)

This way you don't have to 'move' issues between projects. It is all work towards the same goal anyway.

Actually if you are already thinking in the way that each team is developing a 'product' then the seperate project setup is definitely the way to go.

If something is unclear, do ask some more, and I'll try to elaborate some more.



Hi Kim,

Thanks for answering. Just to make it a bit clearer: in my organisation each division is a project in Jira. My division is a small one and we have it structured so that each of the 3 products we have has its own independent development team. Each product has its own backlog - so there should be 3 independent backlogs - and each team is self-contained within that product, although they are all part of our division (Jira project).

Given this, I actually really wanted to have just one single project in Jira (our division) and then have 3 boards (for each of our 3 products). Each of those boards would have its own backlog and sprints, completely independent of the other boards.

Is this possible without having to resort to having 3 different Jira projects?

Thanks so much!


Not within a single Jira project per se. You can use "components" to split the single (JIRA) project into multiple parts filtered out on each board.

Say you have components setup like (Code, Dodumentation, Team 1, Team 2, Team 3)

Then you would filter like (I did not verify the syntax)

Board 1: project = PROJ and component in (Team 1)

Board 2 and board 3 similarily.

Now you have a single project with issues assigned by component to each team and three boards filtering only those with the correct project and component.

Sprints from the other teams should hopefully not appear this way unless an issue is assigned both Team 1 and Team 2 component or instance.

Regards, Kim

Sorry the very late reply, but using your sugestion of having each board have its own component, I can then filter each of those boards and also have independent sprints (at least so far so good...). Whenever a new issue is created we need to take into account that we need to assign it a component (a board), but I can live with that.

Thank you!

I have an additional question. I was able to do the same as what Pedro requested above. 1 project 2 board filtered by component.

I also want to ensure that Board 2 (which is a contractors only) should not be able to view the entire product backlog rather just their items in the board. How do I acheive this?

The board itself will only show the issues the filter catches, so I am assuming that you mean the contractors shouldn't be allowed to use the issue search screen to find all the issues in the project?

If this is the case I think you have two options:

1) Turn on issue level security: Creating a Security Level

2) Use separate projects: one for the internal team, one for the external team. Set project permissions accordingly.


I have a very similar situation. I have 3 teams, each having their own agile board. All three pull stories from the same project. I started sprint 10 for TeamA, and automatically without me doing anything, sprint 10 started for TeamB and TeamC. Looks like there is no way to avoid this without having seperate projects?

I hope this doesn't impact each team's burndown and metrics. I haven't gotten that far as this is our first week using Jira.

I am sure you have done something wrong then. It does work in the fashion that if you have enabled parallel sprints you can start multiple sprints at the same time - one per team. If you cannot start two sprints in parallel this is what you are missing.

The second thing that trigger me is that you say "sprint 10" for all teams. I assume you mean "Sprint 10 - team 1", "Sprint 10 - team 2" and "Sprint 10. - team 3", right? If not then this is your error.

So to get three teams working on three parallel sprints on the same project you need to plan three separate sprints, enable parallel sprints, and start all three sprints at the same time.

You cannot plan just "Sprint N" and use board filters to get at the issues interesting for each team in that (single) sprint if you really want separate sprints (and most likely you do :-) ).

So. It does work (just tested it here to be sure), you seem to have a misconfiguration issue.

Thank you for the response Kim. We had a consultant import data from another tool (VersionOne) into Jira, and I am wondering if that caused the issue.

And yes, I meant Sprint 10- Team1, Sprint 10 -Team2, etc.


We actually use this intensivly. There's 2 things you need to know

We have a production with over 25 sprint and we WANTED them to share the same sprint with 1 'global' board. So we shared 1 issues between all board.

Some other project want them separated in the same project ? Its the same thing, just be sure you have NO issues shared between board and you will be good.

So your filter of your board has to be unique between each board and each sprint will be separted.


I have one project with 3 Agile Boards and 3 sprints (one sprint in each board). How do I link the same test cycle to the sprints in the three agile boards. Currently I am getting a message saying: "The Cycle XYZ will be moved from Sprint PI3.I4 to PI3.I4-eSUB."

If I say Yes then then the Test Cycle is removed from one of the other boards. It looks like I am allowed to link the Test Cycle only to two Boards.

Can you please help with this issue? I need to link the Test Cycle to 3 sprints in three different boards. The Project is the same in all three boards.


Hi Suna

  My best advice is to post this as a new question instead of reviving a 4 year old thread. Chances are not many people will see this. I did because I answered the original question.

 When you post your question, I think you should include some more explanation about what you mean with  "Test cycle".

Kind regards,


Hi Suna! Have you found answer of your question? I have the same now...

An issue can only belong to a single Active/Future Sprint as mentioned in the following documentation:

An issue cannot belong to more than one sprint.

Parallel Sprint allows multiple Active Sprint in same Scrum board but that does not mean that single issue can be added to multiple Active/Future Sprint. From the usability perspective, it does not make much sense to have the single issue in different Sprint because this means that the single issue will be worked on multiple teams/assignee.

Since JIRA does not allow a single issue to be added to more than 1 Active/Future Sprint, we would recommend for you to:

  1. Add the issue to a single Sprint and move it to next Sprint is it's incomplete when the existing Sprint is completed or
  2. Break the issue to smaller issues and assign them to separate Sprints.

Hope this helps.

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