How to turn off or revert back to old JIRA interface, the new one is horrendous for usability.

There are SO many usability issues with the new JIRA that it has become virtually unusable by a project administrator.  The little confirmation modals cover the most needed navigation on issues (so if I create a sub task I now have to dismiss the confirmation before I can create another sub task), I can only see 5 projects in my recent boards and I'm managing a project with 80 projects inside of it so now I have to constantly go back to the all boards, when before I could see all the ones I accessed in the past several weeks.  The search no longer finds anything if it isn't an exact match.  I search for 727 and it says nothing found but I have an issue called 727 and it couldn't find it.  

The layout is horrible, great for tablet users but most people using it are using computers, it's so unusable having the left bar and no longer having everything accessible at the top.  Now everything is many many clicks away and for usability you are supposed to keep things within 3 clicks.  Now I have to click 5-10 times to find something.

I want to get rid of this "new and improved" experience and go back to the old JIRA.  I'm a usability expert, I was Google's lead UX/UI Designer and Developer, and while you think you've made it more usable you've seriously reduced productivity for all managers and project administrators.  You need some very serious usability testing and training as the new interface is not usable and is not intuitive. Your changes now make your users feel stupid, which you are supposed to avoid at all costs.

I'm severely disappointed in Atlassian for forcing this update on people without thorough testing by usability experts -- and more importantly by people who have been using JIRA for years.


I finally found another topic where it was shown how to turn it off.  I really hope you don't force this version of JIRA on people, it is not usable.

James Ni I'm New Here Jan 03, 2018

totally agreed. 

How did you turn it off? Can you link to the other topic?

On the left at the bottom is the gear for Settings. If you click that you can choose “Dont show this again” or something like that. It’s not at all intuitive. I’ll see if I can find the article when I’m at my machine tomorrow. 

They just removed the ability to revert to the good-looking and efficient UI. So now everyone has to use the new UI, which is neither.

The new layout is awful, horrible, inefficient and a waste of valuable space, Please revert back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

must revert back!!!!!!, 

You can't.  Your only option is to migrate to server (or hope that Atlassian give up and re-build a different interface)

JIRA turn this useless interface off, it is so bad that we actually lose time because of IT 

On the profile button click turn off for now. EBE950C3-DAF0-4392-AAC8-4CE6A5711D82.png

Horrible ! This option disappeared !


it is terrible. and all videos and courses cover only old jira

They put an announcement out that they're going to force the new experience on everyone in the next week.  No backing out.  That's enough to make me want to leave Atlassian.  The user experience is so horrendous with the new layout, I swear they had no discussions with current users or a usability expert before doing anything.  They really should back it out and rethink the entire thing.  You don't force something unusable on your audience because you weren't intelligent enough to consult with customers before shelling out hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Don't leave.  Just migrate to Server.  That's not going to get the new UI for a long time - long enough for Atlassian to either fix it, or abandon it.

I wish we could.  Unfortunately we're not able to where I'm at.  

You could get a third party to run server for you if the "unable" is for hardware/infrastructure reasons.

It's not because of hardware/infrastructure reasons.  We actually have a large high end data center that provides 24/7 services for law enforcement throughout our state.  It's because of the potential security issues and cost (personnel etc.).  As a government agency we have to watch our spending.

I understand that too, it's something I think of as "infrastructure reasons".

Honestly, what were they thinking! These changes make it almost unusable from a Jira admin perspective!!

And when you finally find the workflows the editor is completly devoid of contrast, it is really difficult to see the arrows. There is absolutely no reason to make that change, what is the point of doing it?


Oh my days the new UI is terrible!!!

My inbox is now full of staff members complaining about the change and how they now can;t turn if off!

Looks like I'm also not the only one

These changes basically make my life now impossible as an admin 

I really don;t understand why you have spent so much time and effort and money on this when there are hundreds of other things on the development list that would have improved the system for many people 


What makes me laugh is the forums are full of "I'm New Here" complaining me included! 


Did anyone actually do any UX research from people who use the system from admin perspective or just the PMs

Or did they even read the feedback that obviously would have come through 


Poor decisions by them and will end up losing customers to other systems 

>What makes me laugh is the forums are full of "I'm New Here" complaining me included! 

Hey!  Unfair!  And those of us who have been here a while too!

I think I've seen less than 10 posts that like the new layout.  It seems to be robustly despised by most people posting on the topic, old or new, and it certainly fails new users, judging by the number of "where is" questions per week having two 0s added to the end.

apologies sir! :) 

I have spent most of my day in that "where is.." hunt 

Its been a fun day...

Interesting thing... If you go to Atlassian's own Jira version to log a case, it is the old UI still. They force us to use the new while they are still able to use the old layout!


that says it all really! 

Ah, that's because Cloud is for small Jira installations.  Their own Jira is *not* a small  installation, they're on Server.  Which won't be getting the new UI for the foreseeable future (hopefully, at least long enough for it to be fixed or abandoned)

Hi Nic, what do you consider a small Jira installation? We're 50 on our system and it seems to get slower and slower. We had a 25 user selfhosted server half a year ago and made the transition mainly to easily integrate external partners and use less time for maintenance. That part has been a huge success but as so many others we're not happy with the new UI. There seems to be more clicking and combined with the latency .. the users are not too happy. We also used the feature that the boards were independent of the projects.... I'll just stop here!

New JIRA layout ****** me off so much. I'm not a power user, or interested in customising my layouts, but now a lot of the damn ticket fields are line wrapped and I have two huge white space columns either side of this stupid centralised layout. Maybe 60% of the screen real estate is entirely wasted. Did anyone try and view this on a 39" screen? Mobile first can **** ***.

And thanks for forcing it on everyone.

Couldn't agree with you more! Custom fields don't wrap properly at all either!

We have 500+ users and are on Jira's cloud version. Our response times are generally 5-30 (yes thirty) seconds per click and what used to be 1 or 2 clicks now requires 3 or more to accomplish so we are often in a situation where it takes over a minute to navigate. Does anyone from Atlassian monitor these page? In other words, can we expect any feedback or are we just 'venting off some steam'?

Totally agree with this thread, our teams are now looking at other tools so we can move away from Atlassian.  Within two clicks you get totally lost in jira and cannot navigate back to your board.  CTAs are now far removed from the object they relate to.  I've provided feedback and nothing is improving.  We are all disappointed.

Awful UI. UI enhancements are done to enhance user experience, minimize clicks to destination. But looks like some adamant PM or Boss wanted his/her design to get out to market without researching or even consulting beta experience. I recommend JIRA for fexibility but do not recommend anymore coz of the navigational issues.

1. Searching issues (advanced query)

2. Creating filters or going to saved filters

3. Our project dashboard. Navigating from one board to another of a different project

4. It may be good for one project but when you have two or more, navigation / administration is a nightmare.

OMG Was there not a moment of pause when someone said "How about we present our innovative new UI to a focus group for feed back? The words horrible and terrible really don't capture my feelings for the new UI. And now the 500 lb gorilla enters the room and dictates that we will use this monstrosity and like it. I guess as long as everybody continues to drink the Kool-Aid at Atlassian on Friday the idea that there was possible a mistake and value of customer feedback can be ignored. So yet another opportunity for a new upstart company to entry a market which has been dominated by a company but has ignored their customers and watch them fall from grace. I was a champion but can no longer recommend, I will start to look for a better solution for what I need. Any suggestions out there?

Is it just me, or is the new "Add Task" workflow in Jira something like:

1. Click "View on Board" for story/bug
2. Click add task button at top
3. Write description
4. Click on it
5. Click on "show more"
6. Click on "Time Estimate"
7. Enter time
8. Click checkmark to save
9. Click breadcrumb to go back to add another task

Wow :(
The number of clicks in this new user experience makes me so sad.

OK there's still a way to turn it off! WOOHOO!

1. In the left nav, click on your icon & click "Profile" under Your Jira.

2. Scroll down to Labs & turn off "New Jira issue view"

3. Profit :)

That didn't turn anything off for me.  I still see the new layout for everything.

That on/off is for a bit of a change to the issue view.  Not the whole "new" UI structure, I'm afraid.

The new user interface is not user friendly at all. I click "see old view" every single time.


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