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Enable Advanced Roadmap Features?

I stumbled upon "Advanced Roadmap Features" but I can't figure out a way to enable them in Jira. I already have next-gen projects and am using roadmaps, but I can't find how to enable the features outlined in the article below (for example creating and visualizing dependencies)


I believe those features are part of Jira Software Premium, which is still in Early Access only, but you can join a waitlist here:

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DPK J Community Leader Aug 02, 2019

@Sharon Helmsis correct you need to join wait-list to get these features.

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Is that a joke?

Premium which costs twice as much gets you roadmaps and 99.9% uptime?

A feature that's already available and up twice as much and it'll work.

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DPK J Community Leader Nov 20, 2019

@Piers MacDonaldIt also provide you with,

  • 24/7 support, with one hour response guarantee,
  • A big one, unlimited storage.

But still if you feel like it is too much, look at marketplace plugins that provide roadmaps and use normal Jira along with it.

Will advanced roadmaps work with NextGen projects?

And I don't see a waitlist for advanced roadmap access once I sign up.
Where do I sign up for early access?

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Nope, it doesn't work with next gen project boards. I'm only using next gen, so not at all useful. 

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Josh Frank Atlassian Team Apr 28, 2020

@Greg Jankowski Advanced Roadmaps is coming soon as part of Jira Software Premium. It's on our near-term roadmap. Out the outset it will only support Jira Software classic projects, but we are looking at how we can support next-gen in the future.

@Josh Frank Thanks for the reply. 

Really unfortunate that this feature is not for Next-Gen.

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When is "near-term roadmap"? In which time-frame should it be available?

Context: I'm setting up a new client on Cloud and Portfolio is no-longer available. So we're left with NO option if we need a Cloud instance.

Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 08, 2020

@MaxI can't comment on the exact date, but we expect Advanced Roadmaps to be available in the next couple weeks. Thanks for being patient with us as we get a much improved experience live for y'all! 

"next couple weeks" is good enough. Thanks Josh. -- Can I bribe the PO to get it up the backlog? ;)

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There is no roadmap whatsoever in the Jira Software classic projects currently, correct?  I can only find it in my Next Gen projects.

If it is called "advanced" I am assuming there is "basic" for Software classic? Where can I enable roadmaps if there is a basic one for classic projects?

Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 13, 2020

Hi @Elvin Badalov You're correct that currently the basic roadmap is only available on next-gen projects. We have that same roadmap coming to classic projects in the next couple months (although we can't comment on the exact date when that will come). 

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@Josh Frank to clarify, Advanced Roadmap is arriving sooner than the basic in Classic Projects, correct?  Because you indicated it was coming in the next couple weeks above. Thank you. 

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Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 13, 2020

@Elvin Badalov Yes that's correct. Join us on this webinar if you want a demo of everything and we'll be answering live q&a as well. 

@Josh Frank thanks, but I cannot register for the webinar. It says "error on the server" or something like that. Is there a direct link I can add to my calendar? I am interested in the May 21 at 1PM session.

Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 13, 2020

@Elvin Badalov I just tried on my side and it seems like it's working. Can you refresh and try again? If it doesn't work, can you email me a screenshot at Thank you advanced roadmaps won't work on Next-Gen projects? Why is it even called Next-Gen if we're adding "advanced" roadmap features to legacy/classic projects?! I just spent the time and effort to get everyone moved over to next-gen because it was supposedly the future. Appreciate it if you guys can clearly articulate the strategy & vision for your own product lines. It's VERY frustrating to try and figure out which one of your products is the flavor of the month. @Josh Frank Is Adv Roadmaps Next-Gen a 2020 feature? Or 2021?

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Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 12, 2020

@Mikko BaduaThanks for the feedback and sorry for any confusion. One thing to clarify is that classic projects is not a legacy project type. Next-gen is great for team autonomy and ease of use whereas classic is great for managing scale and additional control. Given Advanced Roadmaps is all about helping teams collaborate across multiple projects and teams, in some ways it's a more natural fit for classic projects to start with. That said, we are exploring how Advanced Roadmaps can support next-gen projects as well (although we can't comment on a specific timeline at this point). 

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Hi @Josh Frank , I appreciate the candor here. I will say, though, that it is infuriating. Having adopted Next Gen for multiple teams now, we simply want to aggregate our roadmaps into one cohesive view. Since it is the product that actually offers a roadmap view, I read "advanced roadmaps for multiple projects in a few weeks" and thought, great. Now digging deeper, that has been dashed and I'm struggling to understand it.

Josh Frank Atlassian Team May 15, 2020

@Curtis VanderGriendt Thanks for the feedback. And sorry we haven't met your expectations on this one. We'll be considering this feedback as we make future prioritization decisions. 

Hi @Josh Frank , same here. We just switched to next-gen for the roadmap feature.

@Josh Frank While trying to understand how to enable Advanced Roadmaps in Jira, I have come so far up to this in the thread:) A few suggestions, I strongly recommend that this is part of the standard package or at least you allow us to 'add' this with a minimal fee. If you look at it, At the moment, there are many alternatives for roadmaps in the market and Atlasean is loosing a lot of potential customers(and therefore, money) for the competitors. On the other hand, as users, we have to look for alternatives. You can't think of a greater product without cross-team Roadmaps. Is there anyway, we can enable advanced Roadmaps for Classic Projects? or, at least a way around to create "Initiatives' and define the Parent-Child Hierarchy between Initiatives and Epics so that I can create child issues from an initiative? Appreciate your attention on this. 

This is so frustrating. I just want to be able to give my board a date when next gen will be supported in Advanced Roadmaps. I have the funding to go Adv Roadmaps but no-one can tell me when it will support next gen projects???

Can't believe that Advanced Roadmaps is not working for next Gen projects. This is so annoying und non-logic, that I am speechless.

Great to see the latest portfolio for server features are now being directly built into the Cloud version. My sentiments are like most here though; Next-gen project support should really be the focus of any new features. Calling projects "classic", indicates that it is the old way, and won't be getting the same level of support anymore. We have also migrated majority of our team based projects to next-gen as they are easier to use, and we never had a huge requirement for workflows (though I do see that's coming soon too, and already available in the next-gen Service Desk projects).

What about already planned roadmaps? Are they not available anymore? Where to get these planned epcis, stories etc.??

Am I missing something?  We have Premium and do not see an option for roadmaps in our classic.

@Brian Robison All the Advanced Roadmaps features are available in the plans dropdown in your top navigation. Hope that helps! 

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I would also like to express how confused and annoyed I am that "next-gen" projects are not necessarily receiving all new features. I think it was a really poor decision to use this nomenclature because as a user, I do not understand how I am supposed to infer from the terms "next-gen" vs "classic" that one is simplistic feature set while the other is a complex feature set. This is absolutely not clear from this and it is causing us to recreate multiple projects just so we can take advantage of advanced roadmaps. None of this work was necessary if the understanding of what features are scoped for a simple project vs a complex one.

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Agreed, I should have been Jira Advanced vs Jira Simple not Jira Classic vs Jira Next Gen. we have been trough the whole migration process to next-gen as well..

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I second this 100%. I'm only now realizing that next-gen is actually just a simple project and that I should've chosen a classic project to get more functionality. That wasn't clear to me beforehand.

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Deleted user Aug 03, 2020

Very true... "next-gen" = less futures, doesn't seem very "next generation". Next-generation suggest to take "the previous generation" and make it better, not worst or without essential futures, and what is even worst, to promise some development/futures and then drop it without clearly communicating so... bad atlassian! bad!

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Atlassian: any updates on when Advanced Roadmap will be available with Next-gen?  

Is there a third-party add-on that provides similar features on next-gen you can recommend until that is available? 

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@Josh Frank can you clarify this? Seems that many people (including me) are waiting for Advanced Roadmap being available for Next Gen projects.

Unfortunately when It will take a longer time from now we need to make some other strategy business decisions in order to keep our processes optimized and continued.

Hope you can inform us all about the current progress/time line. 

(Although we like to hear that it will be available soon, no is also an answer)



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Josh Frank Atlassian Team Oct 15, 2020

Hi @BenjaminIt remains something we are looking into, but unfortunately I can't share a timeline for when this will happen. 

I am using roadmaps on paid jira classic but would like to enable advanced roadmaps - is this as a separate cost if yes? how do i enable it?

Josh Frank Atlassian Team Oct 15, 2020

@Bruno Advanced Roadmaps is a feature in Jira Software Premium. You would just need to start a trial of Jira Software Premium from your account. 

I just read this thread and the announcement here:

I get that there are probably under-the-hood reasons in the software that the Advanced Roadmaps rolled out this way - but wow! You took a feature that customers first saw for 18 months and got excited about on NextGen projects, then developed an advanced version of it and rolled it out (along with the original basic version) in Classic projects - without even a timeline for when the users who were originally excited about it and asked for it can get it for their projects?

I mean, my bad for not learning this first, but I just had my company start a trial of Premium just so we could try Advanced Roadmaps on our NextGen projects. We want that better project planning capability in our Kanban Roadmaps!

When will that happen? It's been another week+ since the last post saying there isn't a timeline.

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I used 10 minutes of the Premium trial to find out that all of my projects aren't being supported. 

I actually found out that fact only by this forum because there isn't any indication to that that this feature isn't being supported

Anyway, without a timeline, the Premium doesn't give much value to us

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I agree that investing for premium just for road-mapping is not worth enough - Perhaps, if you have a strategic plan why you migrate, go for it. If your goal is to use road-map, there a quite a few good alternatives. I have done quite significant study on road-maps and finally settled with EasyAgile Road-maps - It's extremely cheap and reliable - try that. 


Thanks for the feedback on Easy Agile Roadmaps! We're glad we can provide a valuable alternative to Advanced Roadmaps for you and your teams. 

Kind regards, 
Stephanie Seymour | Easy Agile 


@Josh Frank (or anyone else from Atlassian) I'm really hoping Advanced Roadmaps will be released for Next Gen soon. My company's about to do a large planning session for 2021 and I'd rather use Advanced Roadmaps than swap to a different product for planning.

Is there a ticket on Atlassian's public-facing JIRA page that I could throw a vote in for? Is that the best way to influence the prioritization of Advanced Roadmaps for Next Gen projects?

Answering my own question -- it SEEMS to be this ticket, but hard to tell because that seems like an overly specific problem (one of many that might have to be resolved to release Advanced Roadmaps for Next-Gen)

If anyone wanted to use Advanced Roadmaps mainly to get a birds-eye of their program on a single page, I recently released Program Tree

It's compatible with both Next-Gen and Classic projects.

It doesn't have a timeline view for planning like Advanced Roadmaps, but lets you:

- Group all your projects and issues into a single page view using nested JQL queries

- Create levels of hierarchy above Epics (without needing to manually link your Epics to a higher level issue type).

- Track the estimate progress of every level of your issue hierarchy.


I created it so I'm obviously biased, but it may serve the needs of some of you.

Oh this is so unfortunate to be in Premium only, This should be standard to be able to have normal granular project issue organizing with roadmaps. Or please just make issues to be available on gantt view on normal roadmaps.

@Josh Frank Is there an update?  My company just purchased Premium so that we could use the Advanced Roadmaps feature, and now (about a year after the last official update) it's still not available?  This is a significant problem, as upper management was told we'd have this feature ready for their use.

I echo the frustrated comments of many others that "next gen" means less features.  I've used Jira for many years, and this is a difficult pill to swallow.

---[ EDIT ]---  After much searching elsewhere (NOT on Atlassian sites) I find the answer.  "Plans."   Not named "Advanced Roadmaps" or available via the "Roadmap" link in project navigation, but "Plans."

Not intuitive, Atlassian.  Not intuitive at all.  

Rohan Swami Atlassian Team Oct 05, 2021

Hi @Sabrina Beach I do indeed have an update - We’ve completed scoping and started working on this. We will be supporting:

  • Team-Managed projects in Advanced Roadmaps 
  • Team-Managed projects used alongside Company-Managed projects in the same Advanced Roadmap

This is a large piece of work touching many different parts of Jira, we will provide ship dates and Early Access Program details as we get closer to release both here and on the Jira Cloud Public Roadmap and appreciate your patience in the interim.


Please follow along here by adding yourself as a Watcher (top right) to receive updates.

@Sabrina Beach - I am a Jira Admin on Cloud. We just upgraded to Premium and for the life of us can't figure out how to enable Advanced Roadmaps. 

Can you provide the steps how you did it? 

It seems crazy that Atlassian doesn't have pop-up helpers to guide you when you change the plan. 

Thanks much!

@Tara L Conklin Hi!  This is a horrible UI issue....Advanced Roadmaps are found in the top level navigation under "Plans."  Why Atlassian calls it two different things is frustrating, at best.

There was nothing I needed to enable.

Ugh. then something on our side isn't configured correctly because when I upgraded Jira, the subscription does show we are in our 30-day premium trial window but 'plans' does not show up on our nav bar. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 1.49.42 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 1.42.06 PM.png


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