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Add a transition on draft workflow



For god's sake, will Atlassian really care about users' everyday use of their product?

I understand that a draft workflow cannot get new transitions because of the poor technical design of Jira internals. Right? After all I have read, I could not find any good official explanation to this limitation. It's more or less "because it's like that".

But is there any real, logical reason why Atlassian does not want to improve their product by addressing such trivial issue?

Come on, look at that:


Is it rocket science to allow me to add a transition going out from "TERMINE"? It raises issues? Fine, so... Atlassian developers can not fix them?

I'm not speaking about workarounds, because they all involve painful operations. Jira Software is not able to let us add a transition between states under certain circumstances, and that alone is a mystery.

Instead of redesigning the interface with more or less success, would it be possible to put some effort in common daily cases that stuck the users?


Or... if I am wrong, if it really is impossible to solve because of a definitive singularity, please can someone help me understand what on earth makes the concept fail?


Thank you everyone. Regards.


John Funk Community Leader Sep 05, 2019

Hi @Adrien Morel  - I don't think you are going to find answers here as to why Atlassian development happens as it does. This is more of a community to help users find a solution to issues they are having - even workarounds in some cases. Your workaround in this case is to copy the existing workflow, make your changes and then add the new workflow into your existing scheme.


You might already understand that, and if you just came to vent, I would suggest you contact Atlassian Support directly with your concerns. 

Hi John,

Yes, I just came to vent.

I'm trying to get Atlassian to react, because they don't pay attention to such request through their support, tried twice. So I'm here to see what is wrong with my request and to get other users to react to, so that we can get some attention.

Atlassian, these days, tends to ignore user's real needs (see how the new Jira's UI is frustating to so many users and how the public bug tracker gets less and less attention). Around me, companies start to move to As**a because it feels really CTO and tech user friendly. I want to beleive in Jira, so I keep hoping. But some point are so frustrating that they need to be shouted out.

But as you mention, I'm not going to get any attention from Atlassian. That's part of the past already.

John Funk Community Leader Sep 06, 2019

Fair enough - but I doubt this will get any attention either. Your best best is probably finding an open issue that is close to your needs and make comments on the open issue. That way, anyone who is Watching gets notified. 

This has been discussed several times, and when Atlassian have spoken about it, the response boils down to:

  • It's complicated and hard to fix (i.e. expensive)
  • It only affects a tiny number of people - inexperienced administrators who don't know that they should always add at least one outgoing transition to every status, and administrators inheriting systems with workflows set up be people who don't know about the problem
  • There's a standard process that fixes it perfectly (albeit not always a simple one, and never quick)
  • And, more recently, "we're moving away from doing workflows this way"

Which essentially means that it's never going to make it up the list of priorities - there's far more urgent things to fix, affecting more people, not having work-arounds, cheaper and/or not going away.

Yes... and this answer has been given on so many so-called "minor" issues.

Well, at least the decisions are consistent.


Yes, it is at least consistent.  I don;t think this is bad - trivial problem affecting a tiny sub-set of people, with a clear tested work-around in a system that is on the way out.  I would not bother to try to fix it either.


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