The top 10 Jira tips & tricks brought to you by the Atlassian developer teams

Hi Atlassian Community,

I recently asked my teammates what their favorite Jira Software Cloud tips and tricks are. Here is the top 10, brought to you by the Atlassian dev teams:

  1. Don’t get too stressed out about Jira’s different issue types (story, bug, task, etc).
    If you are just getting started with Jira create your first issues as stories (you can always change the type later). If in doubt, here is a good discussion from our community on the topic.

  2. Use in-line issue create for the fastest way to create new issues.
    You can create new Jira issues in-line on the backlog and the board (available in next-gen projects). When you are creating issues in-line, those new issues inherit all selected filters (labels, versions, assignees, etc.) and epic links, saving you loads of time!

  3. Add issue keys to your branch and commit messages.
    If you are using Git as your version control system, make sure to add your issue key to branch name and commit messages. A good convention for branch naming is <prefix>/<issue-key>_<description. If your team is using Bitbucket, you can create your branch from the issue screen which automatically creates a branch name using this convention.

  4. If you work on multiple projects you can create your own board to keep track of all your tickets (does not work with next-gen projects).

  5. Use subtasks to split work into smaller chunks.

    Don't use subtasks unless you are 100% sure the work can be completed in the same sprint.
  6. Keyboard shortcuts FTW

. to open the operations dialog. The fastest way to navigate Jira, give it a try .
(available in classic projects)

a to assign an issue to someone.

i to assign an issue to yourself.

In Backlog view:

Use right-click to quickly send issues to the current sprint, top of the backlog or bottom of the backlog.

Use the keyboard shortcuts s+t and s+b to send issues top of the backlog or bottom of the backlog.

Use Cmd+click to select multiple issues.

7. Save your searches.
If you are creating custom searches via JQL or Advanced searches (more on JQL here), make sure to save them. Saved searches are available throughout Jira to filter views (like on the board). You can even create custom boards from saved searches!

8. Add search results to Dashboards
Created a powerful search? Add it to a dashboard to bring it to live (more on dashboards).

9. On a next-gen board, if multiple lines are pasted into a new card on it will ask if you want to create multiple cards (one for each line)

10. On a next-gen board, If you link a repository to the project (from 'Add Item'), an icon on the card will show a development status overview (whether there are commits, pull requests etc)


I hope you enjoyed these tips from the Atlassian dev team! Please comment with your own Jira productivity hacks! I can't wait to read them.




Jimmy Seddon
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
October 9, 2019

This is fantastic @Philipp Suchan!  Thanks for sharing.  We recently moved to Jira Cloud from Server and some of these tips will be very helpful for our users!

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Lauren Klymshyn October 10, 2019


Thank you for sharing :) 

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Carmen Rosa Ussi October 29, 2019

Thank you, I learnt a couple of things!

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Ashish Gupta . November 25, 2019

Very nice list. Make a regular (monthly?) series of it. Theme-based will be even better!

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Veles January 6, 2020


Rituraj Gogoi March 30, 2020

This is very helpful. Learnt many new things that I am now going to use regularly. Thanks

Taranjeet Singh
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
April 2, 2020

This is awesome @Philipp Suchan !  Thanks for sharing. 

Lucienne_Delatour April 9, 2020

Thanks! This is very helpful & I've learned some new things.

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jordan.bowlin April 10, 2020

Very helpful! New to Jira and this is great info (especially the shortcuts)!

Victor Eg Frølund April 15, 2020

What do you mean by inline issue create? The only information I can find is that it exists:

Mike Deliberto May 5, 2020

Anyone know of a similar list for IT Service Management in Jira? I inherited a system and am looking to optimize.

Tyler Spellen May 6, 2020

Very Cool stuff!  The create branch option from the user story is especially helpful in making sure that branches are properly setup and synced when created, as JIRA takes care of all that for you.  I would also mention that the copy/paste of multiple user stories to the board is highly valuable as well.  Our manager had a to-do list in Word, and I just copy/pasted 50+ issues into JIRA!  This was especially important for me to show management that you don't have to spend your life doing busywork in JIRA, as they were PM tool adverse.  Rather, it is a lifestyle choice that increases productivity!

Pedro Longaresi May 25, 2020

Thank you for the tips!


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