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Code in Jira now supports GitHub, GitLab, and Git Integration for Jira for classic and next-gen

Hi Atlassian Community,

I work on the Jira Software product team and I am happy to share that we have just added support for third-parties, such as GitHub and GitLab in Jira Software Cloud’s Code in Jira.

Available for both classic and next-gen projects, Code in Jira enables everyone on your team to automatically view the repositories that are being worked on across Bitbucket, GitHub, or GitLab right within Jira. When a team member includes an issue key in their commit, branches name or PR summary from your source code management of choice, we will automatically parse out the repo in which that activity occurred and display it on the Code in Jira page!


Connect to your third-party Git tool in just three steps


We’ve brought the third-party Git connection flow right into the Code in Jira view to make integrating as frictionless as possible. To get started, following these steps:

  1. Simply click through on the “Connect to another Git SCM tool” button.

  2. Select the provider you wish to integrate with (or browse the list of available apps) such as GitHub or GitLab.

  3. Click the “Get it now”and follow the app install prompts.

  4. Once the app is installed and configured all you need to do is include issue keys in your branch names, commit messages, or pull request summaries and the repositories in which this dev activity occurred will automatically appear on the Code in Jira page.

Enhanced admin controls in Jira

We’ve also added a Code toggle on the Features tab for greater flexibility and control. Turn Code in Jira on or off for your entire team by visiting the Features tab.


Once you have a third-party app connected, easily navigate to your app settings from within the Code in Jira view.


Next up

Next up, we’re looking into adding more granularity to the Code in Jira tab by showing additional repository information on the cards, showing open Pull Requests, and more. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks and months!

We’re looking forward to seeing how you use these new features. Please let me know if you have any feedback or questions on this feature, we would love to hear from you!

Learn more about this feature in our documentation


@whammy  I just tried checking it out but seems it doesn't work with the DVCS Connector which is still the only way to connect to Github Enterprise.  Unless I'm missing something?

There were hints that Github Enterprise support would be added to new tools back in 2018 but it never happened.  

Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Nov 22, 2020

Is this feature only available for Jira Cloud? or Jira Server/DC as well?

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whammy Atlassian Team Nov 22, 2020

Hey @Drew Cottrell unfortunately the Code page doesn't support GitHub Enterprise at this stage, however we have logged the request with the GitHub team and we will follow up with them. I'd also recommend submitting this request to the GitHub team via:

whammy Atlassian Team Nov 22, 2020

Hi @Taranjeet Singh this is only available for Jira Software Cloud at this stage.

@whammy thanks but that's a lame response, we've been asking both Github and Jira to provide better support for this for years but have been told that the focus is on newer features instead and there's no intention to ever provide a means for us to stop using the old DVCS connector.

@whammy which enterprise is meant? Only the on-prem or also enterprise plan?

Can this be extended by a developer? So: How can a integration plugin/extension for other source repository providers be created for Jira Cloud, on the same level of integration as this GitHub integration?


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Why can't I see in our JIRA instance-> code the option to "Select a source code management tool' as per your figure 2? 

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Hi, I'm looking into the GitLab integration and it's now only supports is there a plan to add support for self-hosted GitLab instances?

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Hi, are you at some point going to show GitLab Deployments and Pipelines?

Hi, will you also providing integration to Azure DevOps?

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Hi @whammy can you please answer some more questions from your community here please? Isn't that what a community is? Something with working and talking together and not some target for press releases.

whammy Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2020

Hey @Jonas Lerch just the on-prem version, the cloud version is supported.

whammy Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2020

Hi @Marco Borm thank you for your patience. 

Yes this can be extended by a developer through other apps via Atlassian Connect for cloud or OAuth for on-premise tools.

Here are some details on how to achieve this:

whammy Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2020

Hi @Hycinth Umaran just want to make sure I understand correctly that you don't see the Code page in your project navigation? If that's the case you can turn on this feature in your project settings.

Next-gen projects:

Classic projects:

whammy Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2020

Hi @Tony Vlcek currently that's correct only is supported, however we are currently talking with the GitLab team about adding support for self-hosted versions of GitLab. Keep a look out for an update.

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whammy Atlassian Team Nov 30, 2020

Hi @Leng Be this is currently not supported by the Azure DevOps app, we would recommend reaching out to Azure DevOps directly via the available support channels to request this feature:

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Thanks, @whammy . Been desiring these features for years.

I don't currently see the "DEVELOPMENT" section of an issue until I have created a branch on GitHub through their site—that's when I can view the branch, commits and pull requests. I can't seem to figure out how to Create branch from the issue itself as displayed in the image. Any advice?

@whammy Thank  you for sharing related links. Just to reconfirm that in order for us to successfully install and setup, we must have GitHub Enterprise account. Is this correct? Otherwise, we cannot perform linking even JIRA issues with Open issues in GitHub?


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