The ITSM Project Management Odyssey: Share Your "Epic Fails" and Unexpected Heroes

Valentine P_Elements
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March 28, 2024

Hello fellow Atlassian adventurers,

Embarking on an ITSM project management journey feels a lot like setting sail in uncharted waters, doesn't it? One moment you're navigating the serene seas of "This is going fine," and the next, you're caught in the whirlpool of "What on Earth is happening?"

In the spirit of camaraderie, I'm reaching out to gather some collective wisdom about our ITSM project management escapades. Specifically, I'm curious:

What do you struggle more with while managing ITSM projects?

Is it the mythical beast of shifting project scopes, or perhaps the siren call of "just one more" stakeholder request? Maybe it's the treasure hunt for resources that always seem just out of reach?

Share your tales of woe and wonder, your epic fails, and, of course, those unexpected heroes who saved the day. Let's create a map of wisdom (and warning) for those brave souls who will follow in our project management footsteps.

Looking forward to your stories and insights!

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