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How to Connect Forms to Request Types

Cole Simonson January 24, 2023

I set up 5 different Forms for a specific Service Desk as shown here:

Jira Forms Setup.png

I also set up these Portal Groups:

Portal Groups Setup.png

And I set up a couple of Issue Workflows.  Here is one:

Incident Workflow.png


1)  If I go into my new Service Desk  >  Project Settings  >  Service Requests, then on this screen, I select Portal Groups: Logins and Accounts, and under 'Request type and description', I select 'Logins and Accounts', it is bringing up a new form for me to edit, where I'd really like to be able to use the Forms I already created.  How can I use one of the Forms in my Forms folder of the Project?  

2)  I'm not understanding why I can edit some Issue Types but not others.  I am seeing that the ones I could edit show a Workflow of ICSD: Incident Management workflow for Jira Service Management.  So, perhaps the question is - how can I use this same Workflow for other Issue Types that currently show Jira as the Workflow

NOTE:  When I select the Issue Type: Cetec Change Request, it shows:  Workflow: Jira Workflow (jira).  If I click on the 'Workflow' button in the upper-right corner, it is NOT in background, but it does not do anything when I click on it.  (I am an Admin, but could this mean I am not a high-enough Admin level?)  In summary, I don't want to use the Jira-generated Workflows, I want to use the ones I define.


Thank you in advance!

- Cole


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Cole Simonson January 27, 2023

I found that the problem only shows up or not depending on how I go into the Project.  If I go in this way, my Forms do NOT show up:

My Forms Missing.JPG

But if I go in through Channels > Help Center, then all my Forms are there and used:

Channels  - Help Center -- Gets My Forms.JPG

Can anyone suggest why this would be?  I would want the top  way to use my Forms, too.



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Cole Simonson January 25, 2023

Follow-up on what I posted above:  I just found that I am a Product Admin for Jira Admininstration, BUT I am only showing as a 'User' for 'Jira Service Management'.  

It turns out, this was NOT the issue.  See above for remaining issue...

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