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Filtering on assets in custom fields

Frederik Krogh December 25, 2022


I am trying to create a custom field on an issue to find available computers in stock assigned to the business unit in scope for the issue.

When the issue is created, an employee record is assigned in a custom field. This record includes among others a "Business Unit" object. When the agent then needs to find assets in stock to help resolve the request, the custom assets field should filter for computers in stock AND computers which has the appropriate business unit object referenced.

However it doesn't work. Can any of you see what I'v done wrong? (the custom field referenced below is the record for the employee)

Filter scope (AQL): objectType = Computers AND "Status" = "In Stock"

Filter issue scope (AQL): "Business Unit" = ${customfield_10066."Business Unit"}

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Mario Ilinović January 5, 2023


You need to remove quotation marks from Business Unit.

I write the correct AQL:

"Business Unit" = ${customfield_10066.Business Unit}

Br, Mario

gov.admin January 19, 2023

I have a similar scenario but its not working for me in Cloud :(


This AQL Scope Filter is not working for me :(

"Tracker Type" = ${customfield_10051.Tracker Type}


customfield_10051 is an assets object custom field and has the "Tracker Type" Attribute.

I want to filter another object type by customfield_10051 Tracker Type.


Does It work for you Frederic?


Mario Ilinović January 20, 2023

Hi @gov.admin 


In AQL scope you need to define which object type. example if you have custom field 10051 which has value and you need to populate custom field 10051 then you need to write AQL in custom field 10051 example AQL:

objectType = Computers AND "Tracker Type" = ${customfield_10051.Tracker Type}


objectType = Computers AND "Tracker Type" = ${customfield_10051.Tracker Type.Name} If your Tracker Type atrbut type object.

I send picture in attachment.


AutomationLog.jpgBr, Mario

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