Why does the ScriptRunner workflow function - Field(s) changed validator not work?

I am trying to use the built in validator ScriptRunner workflow function - Field(s) changed validator - It will show the fields within my transition screen, but if I select them all if does not require all. If I only select the date field, it will require it to be changed. 

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Hi Melissa,

Are you using ScriptRunner for JIRA Server? If so, which version of SR and JIRA are you using?

I just tested out this validator and it works for me to force the user to make a change on all fields.

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 2.07.20 PM.png

Yes, ScriptRunner for JIRA server. JIRA server version 7.3.6. ScriptRunner version 5.1.6. Most of my screens are custom fields, but it looks like you have those included as well in this example - it will not work for me on any of my screens. I end up having to write a custom simple script for each field to require. 

Hi Melissa,

I am glad to hear you have it working, although that does sound like an inconvenience. If you would like to post your original question through our support portal, we would be happy to investigate further. I have not been able to reproduce what you have described.


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