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Integration with Microsoft Teams

Mamuka Khantadze Aug 28, 2017

Does anyone know how to integrate Jira (core, service desk and/or software) with MIcrosoft Teams Tab? I know there's a connector, but not a tab, where you can actually manage issues from Microsoft Teams like you were inside Jira.

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Andreas Neubacher Oct 02, 2017

I've added MS Teams "Website" tabs with Jira URLs to MS Teams Channels.

I'm not sure what you are looking for, but I did this to group channels and their relevant Jira pages.  The Jira pages are embedded in the resp. MS Teams tab - although personally I prefer to open them in a separate browser window.

Shane Fender Nov 14, 2017

This is what I'm doing and it works great. Each user will need to authenticate to the tab but it save a lot of time and navigation needs. 

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Paul Emmons Dec 07, 2018

Add the Jira Cloud tab to your team this enables Set up options found by following these steps:

  1. Go to the [Apps] tab within Manage team screen view
    • tabs -> [Members] [Pending Requests] [Channels] [Settings] [Apps]
  2. Open the Jira Cloud utility by selecting the description text 
    • the only action icon here is delete - which is misleading - do not delete, selecting the text in the middle of the row
  3. Once open find the word --> Available <-- this opens the options that the  'options' dropdown arrow only displays.
  4. A new window opens and now you have Set up options



  • You can have as many connections as you'd like for each option.
  • Jira Server and Jira Cloud and JSD all will connect from here


  • Messaging and Bot Search - do not search or find issues by the issue numbers
  • JQL queries are done from Atlassian Admin webhook panel
  • Consider limiting notification a single team with multiple notification on channels or you run the risk to distracting the team with your workflow.
  • ....I could go on and on, you're welcome to contact me with questions. Since implementing Teams I've basically become an Application Manager vs Project Management since it basically requires attention full time. Oh how we miss HipChat.
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Kwame Afreh May 22, 2019

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing this. I have one question. How do I restrict Jira access in MS teams?

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Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Feb 12, 2018

@Josiah Sansone I'm 100% using teams and on prem jira.    In teams, select the jira connector, it will walk you through how to make a webhook in Jira to talk to teams.

Josiah Sansone Feb 12, 2018

@Gregory Van Den Ham I figured it out - the connector is now called "JIRA Cloud", but once you install it, it provides a webhook that works in either on-prem or Cloud.  thanks!

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Feb 12, 2018

Awesome, and thanks for the feedback! :)

Ajeesh Damodaran Apr 11, 2018

Do you know if it is somehow possible to create jira tickets from within teams? am using Jira server.

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Apr 12, 2018

Not currently.  The MS Teams team was still working on a bunch of functionality to the entire product right now last I checked.  They have a roadmap published here.

Michelle Bachmann May 11, 2018

What version of JIRA Server are you using?  We're on 7.2.0 and I'm unable to configure the connector as you have described.

Alice Chou Jul 19, 2018

Also on-prem problem

My JIRA server is in Intranet
How can it connect with the Microsoft teams

Alice Chou Jul 19, 2018

This tools only send notification to Teams about the issue create/modify from JIRA, I would like to explore the way to allow create/modify issue from Teams to JIRA

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Jul 20, 2018

Hi Alicia.  It works onprem as long as jira can talk to the internet and you setup webhooks as described.   

Teams to jira integration - I haven’t seen developed yet.  Slack does it as I recall but teams not yet.   Command line stuff for teams is in roadmap.

Bill Miller Aug 27, 2018

@Gregory Van Den Hamand @Ajeesh Damodaran,


I have a functional "Create Issue" button in my Teams.

However, the columns I use in the Filter are ignored by Teams.  (bummer!).

CreateIssue Button.png

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Additional question: The integration mentioned above works by sending  Jira data through a third party site, that does not meet our data security requirements are there any other options

Move Work Forward Jul 31, 2018

Hi @Sandra Stevenson-Revill

The integration above does not send any data to any 3rd party sites (if you are talking about Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket Server Apps. 

The data goes directly to Microsoft Teams.

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this listing states '

This vendor has not completed the security self-assessment.

Cloud app vendors are encouraged to complete a yearly self-assessment of their data security practices. This information is self-reported by vendors, and Atlassian is not responsible for the security or integrity of this app.'

and when you go to install it says:

Microsoft Teams for Jira Cloud may store your data on SoftServe's server so it can integrate with your JIRA instance. As needed for integration, this add-on can:

  • Act on a JIRA user's behalf, even when the user is offline
  • Delete JIRA data
  • Write data to JIRA
  • Read JIRA data

By installing the app, you agree to SoftServe's privacy policy.

Move Work Forward Jul 31, 2018

OK, it is not us (Move Work Forward) and you presented the standard template text.

Does you solution work with Jira cloud??

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Jason Worley Atlassian Team Aug 30, 2017

There is a connector on Marketplace:

I'm sorry I haven't tested the connector myself, but hoping it helps you proceed or least be aware of more options. 

Mamuka Khantadze Aug 30, 2017

Thanks. I will as I mentioned in my question it doesn't do what I want as it simply posts notifications in a channel about certain events in jira. 


What I'm looking for is a tab that basically will display jira from within the team as an iframe. 


Such tab exists for Astana and wrike.

Marc Syp Oct 13, 2017 • edited


I'm looking for a similar connector for Bitbucket.  The one on the Marketplace appears to be broken.  Any thoughts?



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Bart Verbeek Nov 17, 2017

Any luck with this?

In need of a connection betwee our Jira instance and MS teams. 

I would like to have Jira issues visible in teams. And furthermore commits visible in Jira tickets.


Anyone any advise?

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Dec 01, 2017

Hello, the bots are freely available within teams already.  In teams, click the elipses (...) next to the channel name.  Select Connectors.   Jira, Trello and Bitbucket are listed.   Click configure.

It will typically walk you through how to setup.  For jira, its all webhook configuration.

Please don't buy an addon you don't need to buy.  Try the one that comes with teams first.

Matt Sauer Dec 08, 2017

Can you provide a link to further documentation on adding those connectors within Teams and whether they are part of a beta program or need to be installed by an admin?  My tenant only shows MS owned connectors ( VSTS, Yammer, Dynamics 365, etc )

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Dec 08, 2017



Hi Matt, here's a reference from The university of Wisconsin.

You should be an admin of the team, and an admin in Jira.

Right click the channel and select connectors.



Select Jira.


Tony Choplin Feb 01, 2018

IS there an equivalent for Teams and Jira but with Jira on premise?

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Feb 01, 2018

Hi Tony, I run Teams with the Jira integration with Jira On Premise.   The same documentation as above applies.

Josiah Sansone Feb 09, 2018

Are you sure about that?  Our company is trying to decide on Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other solutions and it seems that the Teams integration requires "JIRA Cloud for microsoft Teams" add-on, which is only available for JIRA Cloud.  It doesn't seem on-prem is supported

Nic Brough [Adaptavist] Community Leader Feb 09, 2018

Unless you go for Hipchat or Stride, you're going to have to mess around with add-ons to get your Atlassian stuff to talk to you.

Kane McConnell Jul 27, 2018

I'm only seeing the same as @Matt Sauer. In Teams for Mac, there are only about a half-dozen connectors from Microsoft apps. Nothing from JIRA or any others for that matter. Is there something that needs to happen with the Teams account to see the rest of the connectors?

Kane McConnell Jul 27, 2018

Actually, I found the connector list is unbelievably short in the Teams app for Mac. Found the connector by going into the Teams web app in Chrome.

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Jul 27, 2018


Matt Sauer Jul 27, 2018

Thanks for the reference @Kane McConnell because it reminded me I never posted back my solution.  I didn't have access to our O365 Admin Center so I worked with a Global admin to add additional available apps.  This is done in the Admin Center > Settings > Services & add-ins > Teams > Apps.  By default only a few were selected ( presumably based on what was available upon our tenant creation).

There's a message that this administration is moving to a new separate admin portal for teams and skype.  I don't see the apps settings in my view currently within that portal but there may be different instructions to accomplish this in the near future.

Oleksiy Zubach Aug 17, 2018

Before using the connector, read the rules for using this extension. Using Jira addon for MS Teams you give the developer Softserve Inc. (Ukraine) the right to use all the contacts in a group (contacts of your employees and clients who are working on the project). For me this is not permissible and I'm looking for another solution.

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PAS May 17, 2018

I was on 7.5.0 and the Jira Cloud connector was working fine.

I then try the Incoming Webhook by Move Work Forward. This one did not work in 7.5.0. I then upgraded Jira server (on-prem) to 7.9.2 and tried again and it worked.

I am now able to get the push notification from Jira -> MS Teams.

How do I configure for the write back from MS Teams -> into my on-premise Jira server?

Move Work Forward May 17, 2018

What do you want to be able to do from Microsoft Teams?

PAS May 17, 2018

post chat and file share back into Jira.

Michelle Bachmann May 18, 2018

Thanks for your responses.  Another team member was able to configure the webhooks with MS teams. 

PAS May 18, 2018

What do you mean by that @Michelle Bachmann?

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Fredrik Lotto Oct 28, 2018

Is it possible to get the Jira Cloud kanban or sprint boards visible in Microsoft Teams?

Gregory Van Den Ham Community Leader Oct 29, 2018

I think Microsoft demonstrated this with VSTS but I haven't seen it yet for Jira, some of that functionality microsoft has been developing with their plugin.

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Julian Governale Feb 27, 2019

Im on jira cloud and configured the webHook for testing purposes and none of the issues are actually getting posted to MS Teams.  Im not a MS Team admin so i cant see anything on their end, but anything i can ask them to look at that may need to be enabled to allow our webHook to post to MS teams? 

Julian Governale Feb 28, 2019

Potentially a MAC desktop Client issue.  The webhook work's when setting up from the web version of teams but does not work when setting up from desktop client at least on the follow os and version.  This has been reported to the Vendor. 

MS teams version: 1.0

MacOS: high Sierra  10.13.6

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Shivani Bhosale Apr 03, 2019 • edited


I am still new to JIRA and Teams.

I was told that JIRA needs to support HTTPS for the integration to Teams to work. Can it be done without HTTPS support. Any feedback will be appreciated.

Move Work Forward Apr 03, 2019



@Shivani Bhosale, Microsoft Teams does not allow communication with Teams over not encrypted channels.

Why would you want to do it? What is the use case?

Pangeel Shubha Apr 03, 2019

Hello, Shivani posted the question on behalf of me as I was having issues with my account. 

Our current JIRA instance does not support HTTPS. Hence we were wondering if we could integrate Teams without changing the current setup.

From your above comment, we understand it may not be possible to do so. 

Thank you for prompt reply. Please do let us know if there is some workaround.


Move Work Forward Apr 03, 2019

Hi @Pangeel Shubha , @Shivani Bhosale ,


It is possible. You can install Microsoft Teams Jira Connector for Server and Data Center. It will run in your environment and communicate with Microsoft Teams using SSL (Microsoft's one, as it is a one-way integration).



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Huyen Huynh I'm New Here Jun 06, 2019

Need feedback/clarification please.  I'm trying to enable creation of JIRA tickets through MS Teams.  From articles and videos, it seems as though JIRA Cloud connector allows creation of JIRA tickets (via "Create" button or "create" command) from MS Teams. 

The issue is that we're using JIRA On-Premise.  I've tried installing/configuring both JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server connectors but both don't allow me to create JIRA tickets.  With JIRA Cloud connector, it requires a valid JIRA URL but I believe since I'm using JIRA On-Premise, this won't work (it rejects my on-premise URL).  This forces me to use JIRA Server connector which I don't believe allows me to create JIRA tickets.  

Is there a solution/workaround for creating JIRA tickets directly in MS Teams if I'm using JIRA On-Premise?  If so, can anyone provide configuration instructions?  The ones online aren't helpful.


I don't believe the JIRA Server connector allows creation of JIRA tickets. But you could use an issue collector from JIRA and probably embed it in a Teams page I imagine.  I don't know if anyone else has done that yet.

Huyen Huynh I'm New Here Monday

Thanks for the response, Josiah.  Someone from Microsoft responded (on another post):

"We are actively working on it. Expect it to be out in next few weeks." I'll wait for this enhancement.

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Kwame Afreh Jun 07, 2019

I am using Jira Cloud, and I have created a Next-Gen project. 

Integration with teams works fine, and I have the "Create issue" button visible and working, however, as Bill Miller indicated, teams ignore some of the fields. In my case, it shows Summary, Description, Priority and Assignee.


Same here, Jira Cloud; only exception is I did not create a Next-Gen project. I too have a visible, 'working' "Create issue" button within Teams that is ignoring fields. It shows me the same fields as you (Kwame) list above (Summary, Description, Priority and Assignee). The main problem with this is that we have another field (e.g. State) that is required for setting up new issues. Therefore, trying to create an issue through Teams will not work - it does provide the validation message "State is required." - but does not show the State field to enter/select a value.1.png2.png3.png

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