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How to get the hours entered by multiple users for an issue

This question is in reference to Atlassian Documentation: JIRA Documentation Directory

I have a typical scenario to generate a report, the scenario is

Here it goes

  1. issues are created

2. On one issue multiple developers will be working and also they are entering the their respective time


      Issue: "Create a Payment Service" (to whom it is assigned is least bother)

       Dev1. : Logs 4 hrs 
       Dev2. : Logs 6 hrs
       Dev3. : Logs 3 hrs

Most of the issues will be like this only, (I know this is not the best practice, but we are still in transition so till that we have to do this)

3. My mgment want to generate a report to list out the individual developer efforts for all issues (and individual issues) at sprint level, release level

Can anyone help how to get his kind of report?

2 answers

You can get Estimate v Actual (as well as remaining and predicted) using stratejos. Predicted uses remaining and actual and also highlights tasks that are running into trouble. 

All the data is driven out of JIRA and enhanced by the stratejos intelligence engine. The engine is constantly checking for risks in these numbers and making them known to you.

Here is a screenshot of our task overview screen:

tasks screenshot.png

Here is a screenshot where you can quickly see effort by team member. You can also see cost and revenue if you are interested, note that you can switch this off if you are not interested.

timelogs screenshot.png


Finally, you can also get a breakdown of effort by person on a task by task basis.

You can get started with stratejos at The plugin takes less than 5 minutes to install and setup.


For sure it's self advertisement smile. You can achieve this via Work Time Calendar addon.

Timehseets tab allows to generate reports for individual users based on selected filter. Yiou will need to configure appropriate JQL filters to have sprint/release level filtering.

Hi Thanks for the response. I had a quick look on this plug-in, seems this plugin generates reports only for one user efforts in a particular issue not all the users effort for that issue.

As I mentioned, in my case one Issue will be worked by multiple developers and work also logged by them, so i need to get the individual effort details for that issue.

In the plugin example shown in the video has only one user/developer efforts (i.e yours), so I assumed it can generate only one user effort details.

If it can generate all (or individual) user/developer details for an issue, then please let me know how to do it. I will try to generate and see it.

Hi Nagendra,

You can generate timesheets for one user, set of users or all users. To add users you need to press Add below the Users input on the right panel. When on Timesheets tab you can click All users and with this options the reports are generated for all users.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

That means, If

Task-1 developer A and B enters 3, 5 hours in worklog
Task-2 developer C and A enters 4, 6 hours in worklog
Task-3 developer A, B and C enters 4, 6, 6 hours  in worklog

In this case, If I want to generate effort details will it generate as following?

developer A - 13 hrs (3+6+4)
developer B - 11 hrs (5+6) 
developer C -  10 hrs (4+6) 

I have to send a request to our admin team to install the trial version of this plugin in the server, hence clarifying to meet the purpose of this plugin.

Hi Nagendra,

Yes, you can get the report like this. Here is a screenshot from my JIRA:

image2016-11-17 8:5:59.png

To get grouping by an user you need to go to the Fields dialog and add "Reporter" field. On the picture I grouped by Reporter and Issue so you get subtotals for Issues and then totals for reporters.

The great thing about Timesheets is that you can add any issue fields, change their order and define grouping. Also Timesheets reports can be generated into spreadsheets.

Thanks for clarifying, once i evaluate will come back to you if any clarification required.

Mean time, can you please tell me how to use this plugin to generate this report

> To my surprise on the left side under projects, it is not showing all the projects.
It shows the projects the current user has access to. To be safe stay in the filters mode and select All Issues which is default

> Also it is making "users" is a mandatory field
It's mandatory for the Calendar tab. For report please select Timesheets tab and there you have All Users checkbox

Please let me kno if any further questions.

I just got it installed and started evaluating it.

Want to check, is it possible to add any columns, change order of the columns?

Also is it possible to generate Estimate Vs Actual report
ex: IssueId     IssueName     Estimate     Actual

is it possible to add any columns, change order of the columns?

Yes. I advise you to play with the Timesheets Fields dialog.

Also is it possible to generate Estimate Vs Actual report

 Sure. Any field you want.

I tried to add status column using the Fields table. This field was added to the dropdowns/filters only but to the result set which i am expecting.

You need to click Show so the Timesheets are generated with new fields.

Yes, the newly added fields are showing.

I am facing one issue: I select Timesheets and, selected project and search criteria

Click on Show, it is displaying (first time it is slow)

the issue I face is:

  1. I am in TimeSheets tab
  2. A developer logs hours in his system
  3. If i want to see the changes in report there is no refresh option in the plugin thus i have to refresh the browser. When I refresh all my selections are vanishing and I am forced to enter into Timesheets tab again and select all my search criteria again. Which is a tedious process, appreciate if it saves last search criteria.

Other concern:

We are using DataCenter version of JIRA, our team told this plugin may not support with it.Can you please confirm on this front.

Once I get clarifications then i will proceed to recommend this plugin to my management.

Hi Nagendra,

> there is no refresh option in the plugin t

Actually there is. Please see the pic:

image2016-11-18 7:44:18.png

Additionally you can set Clear Cache Interval on the Global Options config tab.

> We are using DataCenter version of JIRA, our team told this plugin may not support with it.Can you please confirm on this front.

Actually it supports since version 2.8.4 which was released this week on Monday (Nov/14/2016). I did not set Data Center Compatibility flag since we did not have time to run appropriate data center tests and I put issue for this: We will do data center testing at the beginning of the next week and I will update you. I guess it should be completed on Monday or Tuesday.

HI Krupach,

I am able to get the details what i want though there some extra sub group total which is fine.

I got the following message in one case, which is actually not valid.


  1. After logging into JIRA, I have open the WTC and done some searching with the options shown in the image.
  2. Tried to check the global options as you mentioned. Found I do not have enough permission.
  3. Hence I pressed back button twice to come to this page
  4. Then it was displaying same search criteria that i was selected previously, which is absolutely fine. So, I clicked on 'Show' link, but it displayed the following message attached the screen shot for the same.

Can you please throw some light on this.

image2016-11-18 12:45:23.png

Hi Nagendra,

> I am able to get the details what i want though there some extra sub group total which is fine.
If you need to see only totals for selected Group and Subgroup you can check Skip details.
> I got the following message in one case, which is actually not valid.
"There are no selected users" message appears when there are no users in the Users box on the left panel, All Users is not checked and you press Show.
Also the message appears when you press the Refresh button even if the All users is checked and this is confusing. Anyway the cache is cleaned and you get the fresh worklogs when you click Show or Spreadsheet. We will fix this. Thank you for bringing this to me.


Hi Nagendra Kumar Kamalapuri,
I am happy to notify you that we just released version which is compatible with Data Center.

Hi V Krupach, that's good to hear.

However I still have one more question, i tried to add fields and wanted to add "Labels" field. Which is one of the important column for our program which is not available in the Field List. That field is available in the Issue Creation template

Not sure for the reasons, can you please let me know why it is.

Hi Nagendra Kumar Kamalapuri,

For now there is no support for Labels field as it's multi entries field and we do not have clear vision how we should group/sort and display such fields.

Obvious approach would be to concatenate the entries through comma and then sort/group by concatenated strings. Suppose that DEMO-1 and DEMO-2 have labels "label1,label2" and DEMO-3 has labels "label1,label2,label3". When grouping by Label and sub-grouping by Issue we will get report like this:

Label/Issue           Worklog Day  Worklog Reporter    Time Spent (hrs)
                      11/17/2016   VOLODYMYR KRUPACH   4
                      11/17/2016   VOLODYMYR KRUPACH   4
                      11/17/2016   VOLODYMYR KRUPACH   4

So DEMO-1 and DEMO-2 are gropuped together since the have equal set of labels and DEMO-3 goes separately since additionaly to label1,label2 it has label3.

Will such kind of sorting work for you?

Hi V Krupah, I totally understand your point and it's very much valid. Let me put this to our guys and here what they say. However, mostly what you shown in the example should work for our requirement.


Thank you once again!!!

Hi Nagendra Kumar,

Please let me know if the described approach work for your guys.

I am ready to commit to implement the described scenario in case you buy the Datacenter license.

Hi V Krupach, will discuss and let you know at the earliest.

Hi V Krupach,

As soon as I open i click on TimeSheets tab, it is It's taking time to load 'Group By' dropdown. 


image2016-11-28 13:55:42.png

Hi Nagendra Kumar,

That's true. First time you open the tab the data are loaded from the server. On my instances it's almost invisible. How long does it take for you? What about overall JIRA performance?

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