How to Show Fix ETA & Status in JIRA Filters


I would like to create a dashboard to show bug reports. So I create a filter first:

  1. I would like to show 'Fix ETA' column in this filter result, just like Bugdb, so that we can monitor the bug fix process.

image2017-1-4 17:42:27.png

But in issue page in JIRA, i can't find this column.

2. When i want to add Status column in filter result page, I can't search for it, because I'd like to see the status like 11, 37, 80. How can I search it and add it in the filter?

image2017-1-4 17:44:52.png




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Your Bug DB has nothing to do with JIRA as far as I can tell.  I'd question why you're using two separate systems that don't talk to each other, but that's a different conversation.

On your first question, it sounds like you simply haven't added the "Fix ETA" field to JIRA

On your second question, you've got "fielditis" - too many status fields.  JIRA's menu here can only go so far, it's simply not built to cope with too many fields with similar names.  If you insist on keeping too many similarly named fields, then you can, but you'll need to work-around this weakness.  The trick I use is to add all the fields you can see in the drop down, because once they have been added, they drop off the list.  When the list is short enough, the other Status you are looking for will appear on it, so you can add that, then go back and remove the columns you don't want.


For Bug DB & JIRA mapping, you can refer to :

For the first question, i find i can use "Due Date" field in JIRA as "Fix ETA", it works.

For the 2nd question, since i don't have the privilege to add field, i raise one SR according to page:

Now i'm waiting for feedback.

Thanks for your support.

No, you've misunderstood the second question.  You don't want to add another field, there is already a Status field.  The work-around I gave you was to enable you to select the field for display, not add another one.  (Really, you don't want to add another field, you already have far too many "status" fields)


Yes, you are right. 

I don't want to add another field, I just want to select 'Status' field. But I'm not quite sure how to operate. Even if i choose other %Status% field to show, the list can't be shorten. I still can't find Status field in the column list. Please help.



Have you tried the work-around I described in my answer?


Do you mean that I add the first a few %Status% columns, then the list will be shorten?

For example, I add the first 4 choices, and click (B) Done.

But the list still show there're 16 more options.  Result has no change. 

image2017-1-6 11:49:59.png

Yes, the list will shorten.  But you have to add enough of them to get it down to what the box can display.

If you've got (say) 50 status, and it's only showing 16, you're going to need to add 34 to the navigator before it starts to get shorter.  It's simply displaying the top X from your list.


Unfortunately, I've chosen all the shown '%Status%' Columns, it still shows another 16 records exist. And I still can't see the exact Status Column.... 


Ah, sorry, I was looking at an older version of JIRA where it's not done with check boxes.

I'm afraid you might well be stuck, the only option could well be to do something about your Fielditis, consolidating the far-too-many status fields, or maybe splitting them into two groups (one where you use the word status in their name and the other with a synonym.  For a lot of the ones in your screenshot "state" would actually do the job)


I use state to find the result and find 4 columns, I added them and check their value, none of them is the correct one.

image2017-1-10 16:30:37.png

You were looking for "status" before, so I don't know what you are looking for now.

Going back to the original problem:

Renaming those fields (if that's what you've done) will have removed them from the field search box when you type in "status", shortening the list.  You need to shorten the list enough that the status field you are looking for is included in it.

Hi Nic,

I'm looking for how to show 'Status' column in my filter result.

But last time you updated: For a lot of the ones in your screenshot "state" would actually do the job.

So i guess you suggest to use 'State' column to realize the status function. Then I tried, it doesn't work the same.

Now i think you want to say that, first I add the shown %Status% columns and then rename them, and then the column I want can be shown. Right?


Not quite.  We have always been looking to get a simple "status" field into your view.

The problem is that you have far too many fields with a name that includes status, so the drop-down for finding them cannot display them all.  So looking for just "status" does not work, as the list is cut short.

Originally, older versions of JIRA would remove items from the list as you added them to the view.  So you could add columns, shortening the list until the one you wanted appeared, and then you could add that and remove the extra ones.

That changed in a later version to tick-boxes so the list no longer gets shorter.

So the next suggestion was to shorten the list by renaming some of the fields so that they use the word "state" instead of "status".

So do you mean that this is a bug for current version and they will fix it by renaming some of the fields using the word 'state' instead of 'status'? 

No.  It's not a bug, it's the way they've designed it.  But it is a bit of a design flaw, because it does not work for people with "fielditis".

The field names are all your fields.  Nothing to do with Atlassian.  They're your field names, and as I've said several times, you have too many fields using the word "status".  You need to rename the fields, or cut them down to a sensible level.

OK. But since i'm not the administrator, I can't rename the fields. I will find the admin to help to rename and then let you know the result.


Thanks for your great help. 

Ah, I didn't realise that.  Most people here have some level of admin - they're usually asking questions because their users have come to them with requests or problems like the one you're seeing.

Yes, your admins need to help you with the list of fields

I find a template which contains status column, and use it to generate the filter. It works now. Thanks.

I file an SR and got a workaround. There's a global filter containing Status field. I copy one filter from that and then re-arrange the columns. That works for me.


Thanks very much. 

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