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"Done" Resolution Status not showing in BurnDown Chart

We have configured our agile board to show four columns Open, In Progress, Ready for QA and Done.

We want to generate bundown chart to include "Ready for QA" status/column along with "Done" status/column.

I've read somewhere that Agile/GH Burndown only looks are the right most column for Burndown.  However even when I combine the two columns, I still don't see the correct burndown rate.

I even went as far as marking the "Ready for QA" as Resolution = Done and still no result?

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The Burndown Chart has a configuration on when it will "burn down". It's either by "Story Points" when an issue is closed or by "Logging Work" to the issue which will be subtracted to its total Estimate Hours. 

Assuming you have configured the first one, you have to make sure that your "Read for QA" column have the configuration to "Set Resolution" when it is moved to that column (Boards Configuration > Columns > Tick the Set Resolution checkbox). Double check that.

Hi Gabrielle,

       I'm trying to use either "Story Points" OR "Issue Count" to track the burn down.  So if I have 50 (issues or Story Points) - and I have 25 marked as (Ready for QA/Done) I should see 50% of my work completed, right and a nice steady burn rate.

I don't have a "Set Resolution" option in (Boards Configuration > Columns > Tick the Set Resolution checkbox).

However in my workflow I do, and I tried marking it "Resolved" or "Done" and the issue is crossed out correcetly, but still is not represented in my burn down report.

Joshua, the burn down will use only one setting, it's not "either". My question is, what is your board using right now? Can you check your board configuration on how does it? (Boards Configuration > Estimation > Time Tracking) Are you the board administrator? Try moving the status between the columns so you can see the checkbox.

Attached are my board settings.  I'm using "Story Points" - I don't see the tick box you are referring to.


Drag the "READY FOR QA" status between the columns (first put it in IN-PROGRESS column then back to DONE).

Hi Gabrielle,

  That seemed to work.  Question is there any way we can keep the Ready for QA column and Closed column and still show burn down w/ those two issues?Burndown.PNG

I'm not sure what you mean. As mentioned, issues that will have their Resolution set will be burned down.

So Resolution = Done or Resolved will be burned down the same regardless of column?

As long as the Resolution have a value, they will be burned down. The columns on your board are only representation of issues with different issue statuses.

@Gabrielle Bautista [ACP-JA] I'm not sure I follow "As long as the Resolution have a value" (I have the exact same ask as @Joshua Baptiste and not sure how to solve.  I don't see that tick box either

Try dragging the "Status" boxes between the columns, you will see the "Set Resolution" checkbox after that.

Hi Gabrielle - I've tried many experients and based on what I see, the "Ready for QA" have a resolution set, but are still not burned down in our reports.   It's only once I move them to the left most column for any reason will they get burned down.   Additionally I don't see a "Set Resolution" checkbox in the Board -->Configure–>Column management settings.  

What is your configuration for "Estimation"? Is it via logged hours or by "Closed" issues? Also, Set Resolution will only appear if you move the statuses between the columns.

image2016-2-25 14:18:0.png

There is no "Closed" issue option

image2016-2-25 14:19:32.png

Also, your talking about "Screens" for "Set Resolution" on the Sprint board, not in the Configuration -->Columns section,  and yes this happens and a resolution is set.

the Time Tracking value, if you read the description the value on this one will determine the ones being used on the reports (like the Burndown chart). So there are 2 options... Either by closing issues OR Logging hours to an issue.

So in conclusion, there is no support for burning a story if a resolution is set, UNLESS the Story is closed.  

As @Joshua Baptiste and @palar  in 2019, 3 years after above discussion, I am still unable to see the neither the tick box nor burn down does not work for resolved issues, in-spite of marking resolution for status resolved issues.

Estimation is based on time tracking in hours, nothing works. I still do not see resolved with resolution marked for tickets being burned down on the report. :(

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