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how to delete private filter

I know how to delete shared but how do you delete a private one?

4 answers

Only an owner can delete a private filter. You can do it from the database too but you will have to raise a support ticket with Atlassian for the cloud instance.

I am the owner of the private ones but I do not know how to delete them as I don't see a clear 'delete' option when viewing all filters.

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If you are the owner, click on the "Issues" drop down and select "View all filters". You can then click on the "..." on the right side to reveal all the operations available on the filter, including 'Delete'.

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That "..." isn't available in the 'view all filters' screen. What i found was:

Deleting a filter

You can delete custom filters, but you cannot delete default system filters.

  1. Click the My tab on the 'Filters' page.
  2. Locate the filter you wish to delete, click more () > Delete
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Hmm, that's strange. You cannot delete default filters but you won't find them under your filter list either. If you are seeing the filter but not seeing the dots, it might be a bug. I can see it fine in my instance.

Maybe you can attach a screenshot to show what you are seeing!

What version are you using? For the cloud JIRA v1000.1154.0

- click on issues and you should see "manage Filters" at the bottom of the list

- click that and you will get a list of filters that you own

- click on the "..." next to the filter you wat to delete and you will get an option to delete

"at the bottom of the list" in many cases means under visible area. Total UX misunderstanding.

Similar to Daniel (Aug03, 2017)
... except "View all filters" rather than "Manage Filters" at the bottom of the list.

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I am struggling with this too. I have created filters that I cannot delete, actually no one can delete as far as I can see. I do not see "Manage Filters" anywhere. 

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Happens every time. When I enter a question, I find the answer right after. If I go to all filters I can see them and delete them there. 

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It's cumbersome.  I have to google this on a regular basis.

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Go to "Issues and Filters" where you can see your filter (private and/or public). Select "View All Filters" at the left bottom of the menu. Then search for your filter and delete from ... icon.

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Where is this "View All filters" ?

this is annoying.

And inserting image does not work. Please copy the link and paste it in the browser, otherwise it optens with extra characters and does not work.

Go to your project board first then go to "Issues and Filters". It is not showing from every place in the same way. Then look "at the bottom of the list" which in many cases means under visible area. If this is your case - swipe to see it.

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I tried going to bard - clicked on "Swtich boards" icon, chose my board, and backlog opened. And on the left there is icon issues and filters:

And I still cannot see delete button, plus I cannot even see my filters now.


And why can't you do the delete button just near the filter link? Why we need to know where it is hidden? Or at least three points menu near the filter link, so you could add more things like edit. 

Hmmm - maybe there is a different rule here. Currently, I can't find which one really working but I can spot your "Issues and Filters" version and version provided by @Jobin above. 
Try to open "Issues and Filters" from different locations - from search maybe...

Actually, you can do this if you are an admin of the system. You can go into Jira->Jira settings->System->Shared filters and then delete it (or take over ownership).

thanks this was exactly what I was looking for.

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This IS the answer. Needs more votes to be at the top....

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Once u go to filters and then favourite filters on left of each mouseover filter will get drop down button, where can be select delete, then again the page will ask for confirmation then click again delete, filter will be deleted.

Hope it will help....!!!

Select Issues and Filters


Select View all filters


Choose yourself from the Owner dropdown


From the filtered list of your filters click on the ... of the filter you want to delete and click delete


I am an org Admin when I view all filters and find the one i need to delete i hit ... i can only see manage subscriptions and copy filters

any workaround?

See the answer above, which works if you're Admin:  Jira->Jira settings->System->Shared filters and then delete it (or take over ownership).

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