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When exporting JIRA search results to csv linked issues column does not appear

To replicate in JIRA (Cloud):  

1) Navigate to Search issues.

2) Add column "Linked Issues"

3) Search for something (that results in Linked Issues in some of the results)

4) Export to csv with "current fields".  The column of "Linked Issues" is not there.

5) Export to HTML report "current fields".  The column of "Linked Issues" IS there.

Why does it not appear with CSV?

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3 years later and it seems this issue still remains. However, one work around I found was:

  1. Export in HTML format (all linked issues should appear in this format)
  2. Open the HTML in Excel (I'm using Office 365) - The table format is maintained and allows you to set filters etc
  3. Save As excel format and do any further analysis as needed

Hope that works for you.

Hi John,

thanks for that. Can you advise where I can export as HTML please? I have attached a screen shot of all my export options on the cloud version we're using and that does not appear:

JIRA Export List.png


Many thanks,



Thank you for the workaround.  It did at least pull the actual JIRA numbers for me (although they were not links like the key fields).  It would be nice if Atlassian would correct the problem though.



It seems that there is a known bug JRACLOUD-68954 : Missing export HTML option. says the JIRA was updated in May 2019, but I don't see an update, and it is closed.  It almost reads like they have removed the html option (although I still have it).  There is a linked issue JRACLOUD-62115 that is open.  Maybe you could comment there.



This worked for me, thank you.

I'm also having the same issue. Is this being looked at by the Atlassian team?

I'm having the same problem. Very frustrating, as it's something I would report on daily / weekly etc. 

I see the columns for many types of issues linked, but comparing the actual linked issues and the results in the .csv differ.   in the HTML all the linked issues appear.   The reason i prefer the .csv is that the results where there is a 1:many result in multiple columns... while this can be cumbersome for labels, it's great for issue Keys using lookups.

In JIRA Cloud, 

When I export my linked issues, I get empty values in all rows except 1.

Its easy for me to reproduce 

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Brant Schroeder Community Leader Sep 20, 2017


In the CSV it should have the linked issues but they will be labeled by the link type.  For instance I have an issue that has three links associated in the issues search view.  When I export using CSV current fields there is no linked issues column.  There is however three additional columns with the titles:

  • Outward issue link (Blocks)
  • Outward issue link (Relates)
  • Outward issue link (Blocks)

The issue numbers are associated with the proper field.  Since I have two issues that are linked and blocked it creates two additional columns with the same header name.

Hope this helps.

I'm not sure I understand.  Looking at my results, I guess my linked issues must tie to this Issue ID field I see in the excel doc.  Here are my results in JIRA:

jira results.jpgand here are my csv results:

csv export.jpgI was hoping it would give me the linked jiras, and possibly even give them to me as hyperlinks.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Sep 20, 2017

What version of JIRA are you using?

It's JIRA Cloud.  I don't think there is a version to reference with the cloud version.

Brant Schroeder Community Leader Sep 20, 2017

I have server so maybe the behavior is different and that is not available in cloud.

If anyone wants this issue fixed, please consider Voting the issue directly to Atlassian Support:

This feature does not work for me at all in ServiceDesk 8.5.1 nor in Jira 8.5.9
The only thing I can get to export is duplicate links, which serves me little purpose.  I need to see linked issues to track work with other teams across multiple projects.


Edit:  I'm using three different instance of Jira within my company.  My issue is specific to not being able to export linked issues when they are across instances (not projects within the same instance; that doesn't seem to be a problem, at least in the 1 instance I tested in). 

I have Jira v8.4.2 and 'think" I have this same issue with Jira Server. The cause for me is that Inwards links don't get exported. They are only exported in the outward direction of definition. For example, the issues that are blocked don't have an exported issue link. The blocking issues do have that link.


Very crude work around.

Step1. export first into excel CSV (current field) where in your exported excel you will not have 'linked issue' column available.

Step2. go back to query modify your columns to have only 'linked issue' column and now export to 'Print List'

Step3. in this 'print list' export you will get only 'linked issue' column (in HTML) copy this single column and paste it as last column in excel sheet which you have got in Step1.

Im facing the same issue in server version 7.7.1. only one link type "related to" is shown in the XLS and even if there is more that one link it will show me only one of them. i hope if their is a way to customize the exporting option based on our need.

Hi Angie,

Happened to see this post just now as I was too having the same problem.

The best possible solution is to export the report in HTML and then save it as XLS. This worked for me.


Ashish N


Have you set this parameter into your in JIRA_HOME folder? 



Gonchik Tsymzhitov 

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Hi guys! 

Unfortunately, it is related JIRA Software 7.3.6.


May be anyone knows this bug reproducable on other standalone system?



Gonchik Tsymzhitov

I'm running 7.7.1 on a stand-alone server and have the same problem when exporting - the issue links don't reliability show up. The Outward issue links don't always show up. Thinking about buying the Xporter add-on.

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