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What happened to the ability to split an issue?

For a mere moment there was a command, "Split," that allowed me to not clone, but split an issue. Now, however, it seems to be gone. I feel like I'm losing my mind, but I did actually find proof:


image2016-12-28 7:55:50.png


Does anyone know what the "split" command is (I swear it was "split") and what might have happened to it? Thanks!

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Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Dec 28, 2016

The 'split' option is available from a board's backlog, by clicking on an issue with the mouse's right button:


Yup, there it is, and now I feel like an idiot. I was searching for it in the "." menu, trying to type in "Split." Thanks, Ignacio!

Maybe I'm an idiot too, but I don't see the "Split issue" menu option anymore (((

Look at my screenshoot...

Captura de pantalla 2017-04-06 a las 17.46.20.png

I have the impression that - although not immediately visible on your screenshot - you have multiple issues selected. I think so because the bulk change option is showing.

I tried to reproduce this behaviour on a cloud instance and am seeing exactly this. As soon as I select only 1 issue, the split issue option appears in the menu.

Apart from that, a question to you too - how did you manage to get your issue key at the left of your issue cards? 

I didn't do anything to put the issue key on the left side. It was always there.

I'm selecting only one issue. If I select more than one, the "Delete" option disapears from the pop up menu, but the other options remain the same.

I'm using Jira Server 7.3.4 not Jira Cloud. I don't know if this makes any difference.

Hi Arturo,

Yes, this makes a difference. Splitting an issue is not available on JIRA Server yet, only on JIRA Cloud.

I see. Then, I will continue using the Split Issue Plugin.

I had this same issue, until I realized that you can actually scroll up and down within the right-click popover menu. There it is, down at the bottom under 'Other actions'...maybe this will help.


that's genius! I didn't notice that I can scroll there

Like Thomas Robbs likes this

Does anyone know if there is an open ticket for being able to Split an Issue from the main issue view (i.e. when viewing an issue directly, e.g

It doesn't make sense that this isn't an available function from there.

I also found that Split is not available for the view of a single issue (surprisingly), so at first I thought it was because the issue was In Progress in a sprint. However it's just that for some reason JIRA decided you can only split an issue from the view of the Backlog ... great feature, much cleaner than cloning, and would suggest it be available when editing an issue.

You aren't losing your mind. It depends which browser you are on.  On Safari you can never get to the "Split issue" as cursor focus is off just as you try to make this selection.


On Chrome this works, alas you'd imagine splitting would keep all attributes on the story the same. So for instance you have a field called "Team" then it should retain the value, alas it doesn't.  Also relative position in the backlog, at least should start adjacent to the story being split, alas it doesn't and you have to go and find that darn split.

In truth "split issue" ideally should land you in an edit mode for the split as one will typically make updates to the story (description, acceptance criteria etc.) and it doesn't.

Really the people who designed this likely only think in terms of 'functionality' vs. "what job is the person/team trying to do at the time?"

Anybody notice that the option is NOT always available in the right-click menu now?  Was there a recent update in the last month or so where it's not available for each ticket on a board's backlog?  I see it reliably as an option on one board's tickets, but on another board, I only saw the SPLIT option on one ticket and all others it seemed to be missing.  I'm going crazy trying to figure out why??  Why JIRA?! Why?!?!??? 

What is the difference between "split" and "clone"?

Besides, of course, clone you can do from anywhere, and split, in Atlassian's wisdom, is only accessable from the backlog list view. (Someone will come in here explaining why that's by design, why it'd be dumb to split an item not in the backlog, etc.)

Split and Clone serves two different purposes -

Split - Is useful in case there is a leftover task which cannot be completed in the current sprint and has to pass on to either product backlog or next sprint. It allows to split the issue into two (or more) issues, and also provides the facility of splitting the estimates. For example, if a user story which is part of the current sprint has got 4 sub tasks, and the work will be completed only for 3 sub tasks in the current sprint, then this user story can be divided into two - one part can have 3 sub tasks which are completed and other can have the pending 4th task. Their estimates can also be defined accordingly. 


Clone - A standard issue can be created for the repetitive work activities and each time instead of creating a new user story from scratch and adding sub tasks manually, it can be cloned from the existing one which eventually saves effort.

Like # people like this

You're not going crazy smile

This is brand new functionality to actually split an issue in 2.

Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 14.03.15.png

It is intended to split up a larger story into smaller chunks, which you could add to different sprints. The nice thing about it, is that it copies all relevant information from your original story and then also handles all the logic of setting the correct status etc.

You find this functionality in backlog view by right clicking an issue. On cloud only for the moment or coming soon.

I'm not seeing this in the board we are running version 7.5.1 on the server can someone help?

It's there ... from the backlog "Split issue"


Split issue from backlog.PNG

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