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Smart commit not working?

We have started to use JIRA and now we are trying Smart Commits and it doesn't seem to work. We have done all the steps necessary to connect JIRA with Bitbucket and we have done the commits using Smart commits' syntax.

This is the issue (new feature):


We don't see anything on Comments tabs.

And these are two commits done:


What we did wrong? Why we can see the comments on the issue?

The repository's Smart Commits checkbox was checked before the commit was actually saved.

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I had the same problem and I fiddled with it a lot till I came across this troubleshooting page:

On which the first paragraph says that if there is no email in the commit matching any jira user it won't work (gets rejected).

Turned out that was it. So I updated my global git config.

git config --unset-all --global


git config --add --global ""

Hope that is of any help.

Yup! Confirmed! I removed my user config and forced the commit to ask for who I am, entered the same user (email) as in Jira and ... IT WORKED!


If you don't want to change your git config, you can add an email alias to bitbucket using this link:


New JIRA, Bitbucket cloud user here.

I have smart commits enabled, JIRA-Bitbucket linked. I can see the commits in my JIRA tickets but the transitions (#close) and comments (#comment) doesnt work.

I have tried everything mentioned in this thread.

Any help would be appreciated.



@Gaurav Nagar - hi Gaurav, any luck resolving this yet?

On a Jira-Bitbucket Cloud, make sure the email on your Jira user matches an email on your Bitbucket account. Also make sure that (in Jira) Smart Commits are enabled for the repos you care about.

Personally I can get Jira-Bitbucket Cloud to see Smart Commit comments, but not

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Thanks for reaching out @Dave Liao 

I was using transition names wrong, I figured it out.


Done -- #done

In Progress -- #in-progress


Otherwise pretty simple and easy.

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the same issue for me, linking is working but workflow transition and time logging doesn't work 

same issue here.  linking works but #comment #<stateTransition> dont work.  we are using a trial version.  if this is not fixed, i wont be signing up for pay version.

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after following the comment above, sub segment below.  Problem has been solved for me. 


On which the first paragraph says that if there is no email in the commit matching any jira user it won't work (gets rejected).

Turned out that was it. So I updated my global git config.

git config --unset-all --global


git config --add --global ""


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Using JIRA cloud, I have our repo attached and smart commits checked. My commit message didn't get pushed over: 


CGCTSFTB-46 #comment Lots of media queries added so that the progress meter looks good on various screen sizes

We just started using JIRA cloud. i linked our Github repo to JIRA and it appears to have smart commits enabled for all repositories to my user account.

I made a commit to the repo but it didn't work. how can i diagnose this ?

Funnily enough, since we switched out repo server from Bitbucket (server) to Github Enterprise, smart commits are working again.

Got a nice Heisenbug there, Atlassian!

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Maybe that is due to the reason that you updated your git email information.

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Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Apr 18, 2016

Hi Óscar,

Can you confirm the repository's Smart Commits checkbox was checked before the commit was actually saved?


What it is a little bit out of the usual standards is using a 10-character project key, but I doubt that's the cause.

The repository's Smart Commits checkbox was checked before the commit was actually saved.

Oscar, have you resolved this? We have the same problem: checkbox is ticked, but smart commit fields not populated in JIRA (unless we count the issue ID, which is correctly picked up).

Oscar, Michael, did you solve this issue? We've got the same problem (smart commit checkbox enabled, issue not closed in JIRA when we do ISSUE-number #close)? We use JIRA onDemand and Bitbucket. Thanks

Veronique, yes, we resolved it some time ago, but the resolution was very bizarre:

We got into the habit, when commiting with a one-line message to begin it with one or two space, then the Jira ticket, then another 2 spaces for any further Jira identifiers, another 2 spaces and then whatever other message we wanted!

I said it was bizarre, didn't I? :D

It's become such a habit that I don't even know if a recent update fixed any issues and we don't need to do that anymore. It worked so consistently that we just shrugged and it became part of the "WTF" workflow. >.<

So something like:

$ git commit -am '__PROJ-1234__#jiraidfield_some_text__commit_message'

Where every _ stand for a blank/space.

Hi Michael,

Thanks a lot for your detailed answer.

We tested the trick, unfortunatly, still got the problem. 

We're still seeking to get it work...

Well, much to our dismay, we just upgraded our Jira instance to the latest one a week or so ago - and now smart commits aren't working anymore either! Application links are all there, the tickmark for Smart Commits is there. But the comments aren't showing up anymore! (Jira IDs are still properly populated in Bitbucket and branches and commits are still properly showin in Jira)

Hi, we also have the same issue like Michael. In our latest Jira Cloud version no smart commits are working. Exactly same behaviour as Michael described.


Smart commits are one reasons we moved to Jira Cloud and now they aren't working!

Smart commits aren't working for me on our installed, Jira server v7.1.9.

I've verified that our Webhook with BitBucket is enabled properly since we are able to see Jira Transitions triggering on Bitbucket Pull Requests. It's just the commits that aren't visible, even with the Jira issue properly mentioned in the commit.

Same here. Exactly what Michael Hoffmann described. 

Is there a support ticket for that?

Reporting the same issue, I committed the following comment this morning:

API-1 #time 1h Fixed caching mechanism to not store session expired message #Delivered

The issue picked up the comment but the issue was not transitioned to "Delivered" as expected, nor was there any time logged.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.15.23 PM.png

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Having the same issue here! What's worse is that the branch is being picked up but not the commits! Absolutely no way to figure out what the problem is as no logs are available.

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+1 Same issue for us. "Smart Commits" does not work using Jira Cloud. It picks up the ID of the issue and connects it to "Commits".

Neither logging work nor transitions get picked up... Tried the "double spaces" trick as well, but no luck.

PPP-123 #time 2h Hunting that bug. #resolve-issue


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are you sure this is the correct syntax?

I've got the same problem using Cloud to Cloud integration. Is there a fix?

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