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Jira change issues creator

Tell me how you can change the creator of the request?xxxxx.jpg

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You don't.  The creator is a special field that was introduced a while back because it can be important to know which user entered the issue.  The problem came about because JIRA has a "reporter", but people are able to change that - it's especially useful when you're entering issues on behalf of someone else.  The creator is intended to capture, literally what it says, the person who physically created the issue.  It should not be changed, and there's no good reason to want to change it. 

Also, it's mostly a field that you don't usually use a lot.  If you want to look at who asked for something (but may not be the person who created the issue), use Reporter.

You clearly have a low level of work with JIRA
The creator of the issues can be changed in database mysql or another easier way

Argh, NO

  • You should not change the creator - there is no good reason for doing so, and you're destroying information that may be useful
  • You should never mess with a JIRA database, it's too easy to damage or destroy your installation

Could you please explain why you want to do this so we can guide you on using it properly?

Tell me where it is and how to change these settings in mysql? I can not understand how to work in the database

Don't touch the database, you will almost certainly get it wrong and damage or destroy your system.

Again, please explain why you are trying to destroy perfectly good information, and we may be able to help you do the right thing.


It demands leadership, the creators have issues that are not the people who work with these projects and tasks.

Is it possible to make through the Script Runner, or other plug-ins?

The creator is the person who enters the issue, so you are looking at botching completely the wrong thing.  Ignore creator, it's correct, it's valid and not important to you.

You need to be looking at the reporter and the assignee

I have a similar situation where I would like to change the issue creator.  In my situation I want a logged in user to be able to submit an improvement suggestion anonymously.  I can set the reporter to anonymous, but I cannot change the creator field, which continues to show up in the issue history tab (i.e. "username created issue - just now").  Is it possible to do in script runner or another plugin?  If not could I at least suppress the user name from the change history view on the history tab?  I have anonymous issue creation enabled, so they could log out and create the issue, but I would like to make it as easy as possible for them and not require them to log out.

My situation is, that our user creates an Accident Report for HR. Thats fine.

This issue will clones and link (groovy) to the security department without fields like name and reporter for privacy reasons. I can null the reporter but the creator is the user wo creates the initial accident report. I don't won't to have these information in the cloned task.


Here is a situation..

Creator has left the company and dont want to see that name(identity) listed as creator on the tickets. Its approporiate to shift responsibility to another staff member re "creator".. This is part of removing vestiges of former staff member from process.

To get around this, am deleting tickets and starting brand new ones with same information.. not very pretty.

Like Stefani Kaimakliotou likes this

All of these since my last comment are symptoms of you using the field for the wrong thing.  Stop looking at creator and look at reporter for this data.  Use reporter and creator properly for the reasons they were created.

Hi Nic,

For the record: I totally agree, with your advice to not mess with the creator.

However, there is one requirement, I'm running into in 2021:
For GDPR compliance, legal demands that any reference to individual persons is to be purged 12 months after an issues close.

And since ianal, we ususally have a hard time, challenging demands from legal....

If you use the Jira Importers Plugin (JIM) to import issues, the user logged in (the one who uses the plugin to import) will be set as the "creator" of every single issue. It seems one can't do anything about that. I think that would be really a case where the ability to change the "creator" could be useful.

This is my use-case as well.

My problem is that we create some tickets for our users and if we change the reporter field to that user they still don't see the ticket in their queue as they are not the creator.

It would be ideal for users to be able to view the tickets that have them assigned as reporter, or be able to alter the creator.

any updates on that?

Not really, it's the wrong thing to do and hence there's no way to do it.

The ask here was based on not understanding what the creator field is for and using it for the wrong thing.  The answer is to use the right field, not amend the wrong one.

OK, I get that, but then could users see issues where they are marked as the reporter (but created by support) as well as the ones created by themselves?

If you set up the permissions to work like that, yes.

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