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Is there a way to include table grid editor based data into eazybi reports

francis Marketplace Partner Jul 13, 2016

As in summary


We are using the table grid editor to collect various line items in an issue.  I would now like to create a report over this data using eazybi.

How can this be done ?



2 answers


I am using a plugin called table grid editor in JIRA, whose data i have imported to eazyBI, but the data is coming in one line, i want it to appear the same way it appears in Table .

Is there any code or any suggestions?
Please Help !

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps you can find this community post useful:


Martins / eazyBI support

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Hi Francis,


Unfortunately, we don't have integration with this add-on yet.

Perhaps we could add some of the table grid editor fields already in one of the next eazyBI versions, if you share more details to - what fields, hierarchies, dimensions or columns you would expect to see in eazyBI reports.

From your display name I see that you represent IDalko. Could you also explain then if and how eazyBI could access URL of XML (or JSON), that can be used for REST API import.


Kind regards,

Martins Vanags / Support

francis Marketplace Partner Jul 17, 2016

The table grid editor allows to store tabular data in a database table.  This table is automatically created based on the configuration of the grid.   Note that this table can be created in the database used by JIRA or any external other database.


There is an extensive API (rest or java) which allows to access this data.  For instance the read REST api allows to extract individual rows stored in the grid


I'm not sure how eazybi is working and how it could include the data managed by the table grid, but giving its tabular nature it might be a good fit for eazyBI. 





What about this integration? work in progess?




francis Marketplace Partner Sep 06, 2016

The grid table is an ordinary sql table.  Looking at the explanation - there should be no problem to integrate grid table data into eazybi.  Can we setup a confcall to flesh out a procedure because my modrian skills are a bit rusty smile




Is there any update on this? Did you find a way to include table grid data into EazyBI?

Hi Marion,


This hasn't been changed yet and it is still not possible to include table grid data into eazyBI.


I am very sorry for the inconvenience!



Martins / eazyBI team

francis Marketplace Partner Aug 01, 2017

I reopened the mutual eazyBi / TGE issue to further track this request.   It ended up somewhere in the twilight zone.  Thanks for reminding.

Wow,  that is a quick response of both of you! Please keep me updated, but I suppose it will take some time...

I second Marion's request.  We have financial information within a TGE field but would also like to present this data (with further analysis) on a jira dashboard within an eazyBI report.

@Dale Wolfe@Marion Knopp,


Thanks for your continuing interest on this topic. The solution for the data import is still under consideration. The Table Grid is a flexible tool and the solution to integrate the table grid data into the eazyBI Jira Issues model might not be straightforward.

Sorry for not providing too much good news regarding the potential integration, I will keep you posted when anything new regarding this appears.



Janis, eazyBI support

Any update on this Query for Integration of Tabel Grid with Eazy BI ??



Thank for your interest in this topic. The solution for the data import from Table grid is still under consideration


Please follow the changelog for eazyBI to find about recent changes in the product


Martins, eazyBI support

My goodness, guys, Francis has a valid point. It would help us so much too, if we could take out information from table grid and analyse this data with eazybi.

As far as i see, one must setup the customfield in the advanced section of eazybi.

@franciscould you provide information, how the data is actually stored (is it a textfield)

From my testing I found out, that eazybi can not handle the datatype of this field.

@Mārtiņš Vanagsas far as I know you have some 'supergirls' sitting in your support team, which properbly find a solution in no time. :-)

Help is much appreciated



Is there any update on this !

Hi Tanu, yes there is :-D.

What you can do:
The TGE creates one new table per grid in the Jira database. You can query this table in eazyBI, i.e. specify it as an additional source and build a cube from Jira source and TGE source.


Hope it helps ;-)


Can you help me on, how do i query a table in eazybi... I know where to put JQL , while importing, but how do i write a query to get TGE details.

Thanks in advance

You need to add the TGE table as a database source (SQL). Then you need to map each table attribute (see eazybi docu for databases as source) 


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