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How to create the jira ticket from slack


I am able to integrate the slack and jira.

Even if i update something on jira, it will show me on the slack.

But how can I create a new ticket from slack.

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carolyn french Community Leader Dec 19, 2018

You're welcome, @NadyaVasylevska! Glad it helped

ok because this is a helpful answer I don't know why frioz would make your welcome message the accept answer because it blatantly isn't the answer

carolyn french Community Leader Dec 18, 2019

Thank you, @Corey_Tabb ! Yeah, there is a bug on the platform and since this post was converted from a discussion to a question (if I remember correctly since it was last year), there is no option to accept my original answer post. I really would love for this to be fixed!

More than one answer can be accepted on a question by the person asking the question or moderators, and other users can click on the vote next to the answer if it helped them. The more, the merrier, as I love hearing other people's take on solutions!

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6 votes
carolyn french Community Leader Dec 05, 2018

Hi Firoz, and welcome to Community!

I was super excited to make a Zap to do this- automatically create a new ticket from slack when a user added an emoticon to a message in a slack channel (I created a new emoticon called ::newissue::). Everything worked beautifully until Zapier shut the Zap off due to my plan needing to be upgraded to a paid one (the Zap used 3 steps and the free plan only lets you do 2 steps). 

If you have a Zapier account or are interested, I'll post the details here. Let me know.


Hey, @carolyn french! is there only one way to make such integration of slack and jira? I'm also interested to build it, and would good to know other possible options. Thanks! 

carolyn french Community Leader Dec 14, 2018

Hi @NadyaVasylevska- there are a bunch of add-ons already built and on the Marketplace that you can check out too.

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@carolyn french what was your Zap? Did it add more versatility than the current slack -> Jira integration? Thank you!

carolyn french Community Leader Oct 14, 2021

The current integration out of the box looks nice now! I did like the ease of using an emoji as the trigger to create an issue, but you can also just click the ... to the right of the message and create Jira issue too. What a bright spot in 2021 :)


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Hi @Kayla Barnes.  I agree with @carolyn french that native integration for Jira Cloud has gotten a lot better and might be a great fit.    

If you happen to run Jira Data Center or Server or want to go even further with creating issues you may want to check out our plugin in the Atlassian marketplace.  

We have 5 different ways to create Jira issues from Slack with options to auto-attach files, sync conversations, and more.  We cover all the ways in our help docs here -

Hi everyone!  At we have been building Jira Integration+ since 2017 and have included the ability to create Jira issues from Slack since early 2018.  

We now have 3 different ways to create issues from Slack:

  1. Ask the bot "create issue MAR" (where MAR is the project).  It will then ask you the issue type and show you a dialog to fill in the required fields. 
  2. Slack Actions - this allows you to click the ... action in Slack on any message and create an issue.  You can default fields or fill them in. 
  3. Command CLI - this way you can create the ticket right from a single line of text in Slack and can set the values you need.

This looks cool, but your instructions for set up don't seem to match what JIRA asks for these days...

Hello- happy to help you get set up.  We connect 100s of teams a week so we know the instructions work.  We are very much active on this project.  

Please go to our website and use the live chat and we will be there to help you. 

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So, your instructions list the following pieces of data to input:

  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Name
  • Public Key

But JIRA has no Consumer Name nor Public Key field

I would use the chat, but all that shows up on the wizard screen is a bullhorn that opens some notifications, and not any chat.

But also, even guessing at where to put those data points, I get these errors...

Request Token URL is required.

Access Token URL is required.

Authorize URL is required.

Hello - can you please look at this help doc - and the video and let me know if you see something different in Jira? 

You can also reach us at and we can help from there. 

The beamer on top of Intercom is a bug we will be fixing soon.  You should not see that on any screen except the connection process. 

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Hey everyone,


You can also create new tickets using Slack command /jira using native Jira cloud app for Slack. It works well for most needs. If you hit some limitations like adding attachments, linking other tickets etc, you can try marketplace apps like our Troopr Slack integration for Jira. It also works with Jira Server and DC. 


You can find more here: 

Hey folks!

We've been working on Jirafe for a year now and have made creating issues a core aspect of our product. Our Slack app was born out of a need to streamline the Jira experience for community, sales and support teams within the company which is why our focus is set on ease of use and performance.

That said, we primarily support creating issues in two ways:

- Using a slash command: /jirafe <project>
- In the "..." menu of every Slack message, you'll find "Create a Jira issue..."

Note that we have a free tier for small teams and usage based plans for larger teams.

All of our plans, free and paid, get access to all Jirafe features!

I'm currently reading about Jirafe, and the only thing I don't like is that it's not clear what "actions" are. Does it mean 50 "operations"? (i.e., 25 issue creations and 25 issue assignations, for example) Is it monthly?

Apart from that, it looks very promising. Creating issues from Slack would be great, because that would help the "spur of the moment" issues that we talk about but never remember to create after logging out.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Roberto, sorry about that! We're currently working on clearing up messaging around paid plans and making sure that update will be good to go early next week.

That said, your assumptions are correct, actions are counted on a monthly basis and include created issues, assignations, transitions and so on.

Feel free to open a ticket if you have any additional questions.

Thanks for your feedback!

Edit: Our pricing page has been updated and we've added a few of the questions we're frequently asked!

@carolyn french  Jira was integrated in a slack with a lot of members in it, Does this mean anyone in that slack thread can create a Jira ticket without an attlasian account?

carolyn french Community Leader Mar 02, 2022

@Rosalito Udtohan - You will still need an Atlassian Account to create a Jira ticket, so not everyone in your Slack will be able to do that.

Got it @carolyn french . Thanks. Also, Will the non-attlasian account user(s) be able to view a Jira Ticket being created (as a reply) on the thread?



@Rosalito Udtohan  Hi,

I want to do what you've just in the screen shot, can you explain the steps you've done in jira and slack please ?

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