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Hi- Why can't we create Sprints in Kanban board or change statuses through Swimlines?

Hi All,


I wanna maintain sprints in Kanban board or I wanna change statuses of Epics/bugs when moving it through swimlines. At the movement i can't do these things in JIRA boards.


Please let me know a solution for it?



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Two questions in one!?

Sprints are part of the Scrum process. Kanban methodology doesn't use Sprints or any sort of iterative process. In a similar vein, in JIRA Software there is no way to plan Sprints on a Kanban board. However, you can point a Kanban board to a query such as sprint = "It's over 9003" or sprint = activeSprint(). Is there a reason the Scrum board doesn't work for you?

Swimlanes indicate explicit queries that show specific issues based on a criteria you choose. There's no way for JIRA to know how you'd want to update issues between lanes. What if someone had a query like updated = 12h? Would it just change the updated date to 12 hours ago?

On the swimlanes one, another example I ran into yesterday - if you have two swimlanes to drag between:

  • Business group = Acme
  • Component in (anvil, tunnel paint, dynamite)

How is JIRA supposed to know how to change the data?  It's possible that it could be Acme + Anvil, and that's a valid combination of data, so it's already in both lanes (althoguh JIRA will hide it in the second one because it's already in the first).  Or if it should change Acme, to get it out of the first lane, does it change or drop the Acme?  Change to what?  Even though it's unrelated to the component?

(Yes, I am watching Road Runner cartoons)

That's a perfect example. And I should watch some Tom and Jerry.

In the kanban board it is changing the Epic or Bug Statuses when moving it across columns.

If you want to map specific statuses to columns, you can do this in the Board Configuration and navigating to Columns – 

  1. image2016-7-27 21:56:7.png
  2. image2016-7-27 21:56:29.png
  3. image2016-7-27 21:55:11.png


>In the kanban board it is changing the Epic or Bug Statuses when moving it across columns.

Correct, that's what Kanban boards are for.  Columns are a collection of status (often only one status, but you can have many in a column).  As the status are a known, fixed list, you know you can change them.  Swimlanes are for displaying slices of data which can be unknown and contradictory, so there's no way to move between them.

Not quite sure what a scrum qualification has to do with this old thread, but I'm already a Scrum Master and I know Steve works with a lot of Scrum teams (I don't know if he's got certifications, but I would not be at all surprised to find out he's even better qualified than me)

Sorry, I mostly wanted to point out that while JIRA does not support sprints with Kanban, Scrum + Kanban is a real thing so it would be nice if you/they considered adding the feature. 

Like Anne Saunders likes this

To do scrumban, start with a scrum board, and don't use all the functions.

Guess I missed that. Thanks!

Jira allows you to use the same query for both a scrum type board and a kanban board, but will not allow you to administer sprints from a Kanban board. The best way to think about this is that a board in jira is really just a view of a query (jql) but has different interface logic.

Basically the work around is to create a board of type scrum where you can create sprint codes first and then just use your kanban board as normal. This means your issue will then be able to have a value for the sprint field on edit.

In my opinion Atlassian should use the same board logic and allow a switch in the board configuration for turning things on and off, such as story points and showing epics in the tab and/or the board. Right now you need two boards just to manage this.

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