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EazyBI - Error when drill through issues


Hi there, 


I really love EAZYBI plugin but recently I am facing issue which is very inconvenient. 


When I select the "Drill through issues" button, very often, this pop-up is displaying : 


I initialy thought this was due to large number of issues, but : 

- It also happened with just 5 or 6 issues

- On this page I see that even with 919 issues, everything is working and very quickly. 


I tried to check logs files and understand where the problem can be. This is what I found : 



2019-12-12 10:19:39 +0100 INFO: [B97C2819:7d569ae8] Started POST "/plugins/servlet/eazybi/eazy/accounts/3/cubes/ALL%20TEAMs%20-%20ALL%20JIRA/query" for at 2019-12-12 09:19:39 +0000
2019-12-12 10:19:39 +0100 INFO: [B97C2819:7d569ae8] Processing by EazyCube::QueriesController#create as JSON
2019-12-12 10:19:39 +0100 INFO: [B97C2819:7d569ae8] Parameters: {"_json"=>[{"type"=>"pivot_table", "page"=>["[Issue Type].[Ticket]", "[Etablissement].[BAZ78 - Le Nôble Age - Clinique de Bazincourt (SSR)]", "[Status].[Clos]"], "columns"=>{"dimensions"=>[{"name"=>"Time", "include"=>"[Time].[(S-1)]", "preserve_order"=>true}]}, "rows"=>{"dimensions"=>[{"name"=>"Type de problème", "include"=>"[Type de problème].[Hardware]", "preserve_order"=>true}, {"name"=>"Catégorie de problème", "include"=>"[Catégorie de problème].[Terminal]", "preserve_order"=>true}, {"name"=>"Constat", "include"=>"[Constat].[PING KO]", "preserve_order"=>true}, {"name"=>"Bug identifié", "include"=>"[Bug identifié].[Terminal KO, OK après reboot manuel]", "preserve_order"=>true}, {"include"=>"[Issue].[Issue].Members", "preserve_order"=>true}], "nonempty"=>true, "filter"=>{"conditions"=>[{"expression"=>["[Time].[(S-1)]"], "operator"=>"<>", "value"=>"0"}]}}}], "account_id"=>"3", "cube_id"=>"ALL TEAMs - ALL JIRA"}


2019-12-12 10:19:54 +0100 INFO: [B97C2819:7d569ae8] Completed 200 OK in 14868ms (Views: 1.1ms | ActiveRecord: 3.4ms)


On my browser I see that the request seems to Timeout at 5s :



So at 5s the pop-up said that an error occured, but at 14s one 200 success code appear on logfile.


I don't see some errors in others logfiles. 


Two questions so : 

- Why is my request on 3 issues takes more than 14s ? 

- Why is EAZYBI so impatient?


Maybe @eazyBI Support can be very helpfull on that ? 


Thanks a lot in advance for your help !



4 answers

Please, contact eazyBI Support ( when you experience an error like this. The cause of the error might be different for each individual use case.

To the support requests include:

1) collect eazyBI log files (

2) generate the HAR file (



Zane /

Hi @Thomas AUVRAY 


Can you solve this problem?? I have the same issue.

If you resoled this, issue, can share it wiyh me.


Best Regards,


Hi @Thomas AUVRAY 

Did you have an asnwer? Because we have the same issue. 

If you can share what's the problem.



Hi Thomas,

Please generate the HAR file and send it to the eazyBI support with the eazyBI log files archive for inspection.


Best regards,

Janis Justaments

OK, thanks. I did that, I'm waiting for their return to complete this post.

Jeff Tillett Community Leader Jan 03, 2020

Are you still waiting for a reply almost a month later? We experience this too and eazyBI takes so long to provide meaningful reply's to issues. :(

Yes, they have answered to me ! But I can't take time to try and reply. My bad. 

I'll do that next week. 

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