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Created Vs Resolved replace resolved with closed is this possible?

We are not using the Resolution field when we Close a JIRA.  This will throw of my Created Vs Resolved.  Can I replace Resolved with Closed for my chart.  



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Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017


Hi Thomas,

That's not possible.

The best approach would be performing a bulk-change Transition operation to set a resolution on all issues in Closed status, by using a workflow transition previously set to set a resolution.

Best regards,


I am not sure that is possible.  we cannot bulk update Closed Tickets.  Unless I can take that restriction off.  that would be my next question.  




Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

By the way, you should make your workflow set a resolution on transitioning an issue to the Closed status.

That way the Created vs Resolved chart (as well as other built-in gadgets, charts and functionalities) will work as intended. 

We did but for some reason to make thing easier we took it away.  Is there a way to auto set a Resolution so the user does not. 


Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Look at this other answer on how to remove that restriction:

(Edited: Despite of the title of the question "Change Security Level", the actions described in my linked answer have nothing to do with security levels)

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Have a look on how to automatically set a resolution in your workflow:

So I can now bulk update but I do not see how to change the Resolution field in the bulk update list. Is it under edit ticket? 


Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Sorry, my fault:

You need to perform a Transition operation (not an Edit one), from Closed to Closed again (or back and forth) ensuring the workflow transition you are going to use had a post-function which automatically fixes the resolution.

It's more complex than that - it's not in bulk-edit because it's not on your edit screens.  As a temporary fix, you can add it to the edit screens and then use bulk edit, but you must not leave it on the edit screens because your users will set the resolution accidentally on open issues.

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

I have edited my initial answer to avoid confusion.

I cannot find the Post Function Tab.  '

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Yeah, Nic is absolutely right, and I agree on the fact that temporarily adding the resolution field to the edit screen is a much easier and faster task.

You shouldn't forget to remove the resolution field from the edit screen after fixing the resolutions.

Also, do not forget to ensure that all transitions that go to the Closed status have a post-function for automatically setting the resolution field.

Alternatively to setting the resolution field automatically through post-functions, you may prompt users a screen which contains the resolution field as a required field, in order to force them to manually select a value. This approach requires to add a 'resolve issue screen' to each of the transitions that go to the closed status. 

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Edit your workflow in the Diagram mode and click on the transition (arrow) that goes to Closed:


Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Likewise, in a similar manner, you should add a post-function for setting the resolution to None (clear the resolution field) on every transition that lets reopening the issue.

That's all transitions that go from the Closed status to any other statuses, including global transitions (those that have the 'All' tag, transitionable from every other statuses).

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Finally, do not forget to publish the workflow draft so that your changes are actually applied.

Almost there.  One last question.  How do I add Resolved to the Edit screen?  


Thanks for all your help.  



Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017


Find your screens here:


YOURS = the customer subdomain of your JIRA Cloud instance

KEY = the project's key (ie: Human Resources project is likely to have a project key like HR, which precedes every issue: HR-1, HR-124, and so on)

Click on the screen and add the Resolution field by selecting the Resolution field in the dropdown. That's easy and it's done as soon as you do it, with no need for saving anything.

Should you finally fix this, please, accept this answer wink

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Edited my last comment.

So I added the Resolution field to the Edit Screen,  When I go to do a bulk Edit Resolution is still not an option.  I was so close.  



Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

mmm... Try adding the Resolution field also to the View screen and let me know if that let's you fix the resolution.

If that weren't letting you set the Resolution, I would think that your query retrieves issues from some other projects where the Resolution field has not been added to the screen.

We use the Default screen for Create, Edit and View.  It is on all but will not appear in the Bulk Edit.  Strange. 

Ignacio Pulgar Community Leader Jan 26, 2017

Then create a transition from Closed to Closed and name it ie: set redolution. Add a post function to it to set the resolution Done. Finally, perform a bulk transition isuues operation using the new 'set resolution' transition.

Hi @Thomas Fritzen , 

With our add-ons Great Gadgets for Jira Server and  Great Gadgets for Jira Cloud you can have a Created vs Resolved chart on your dashboard that is based on issue status (not on resolution).

In the 10 gadgets offered by the add-on, there is a Release Burndown / Burnup Chart gadget than can be easily configured as Created vs Resolved Chart. Just take a look at this example. 



@Thomas Fritzen

Perdon por el idioma pero sera mas facil explicar para mi.

Para un tipo de proyecto clasico funciona perfecto pero al usar otro flujo es distinto. Para que el campo Resolucion cambie a listo automaticamente cada vez que se cierra una incidencia se deben editar un par de acciones. Esto permitira correr un reporte de creado V/S resueltas (= Closed).

En la ultima transicion antes del ultimo estado copiar las propiedades y funciones de envío, ver adjunto que describe los pasos.

Lo siento pero mi sistema esta en español.




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