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Many questions don't fulfill ROE standards


Hey, new forum is great, there's no (very little) SPAM, but still many questions don't fulfill ROE and it's basically impossible to answer them in any reasonable manner. 

Could we get any template button with kind request to reword those questions. Furthermore, I can imagine platform could remove such questions if nobody rewords them in foreseeable future. Otherwise we will have a lot of not answered, not meaningful questions. 


What do you think ?


Warren Rising Star Oct 11, 2017

I agree, I often have no idea what a poster is asking because they've given so little information.

Screenshots, code / JQL examples are often required but not there

Something I've always felt was lacking from the previous incarnations and this version too is "curation".

I'd love to be able to take the older nonsense questions and bin them when people don't respond with clarifications. 

And a quick "have you read the logs" button to pre-fill a reply.

And force them to enter (at least one) product, plus Cloud or Server for the ones that are both.

And have some way to flag questions as "answered by Article or Question X" so when someone hits them in a search, they land in a better place.

And be able to edit labels properly

MattS Rising Star Oct 11, 2017

Stack Overflow puts a lot of effort into curation. Good in the long run, a bit annoying in the short term. English is hard for some people. Some people are rather lazy and don't want to think before asking a question. 

Thanks for the suggestions! We are scoping curation feature additions in our roadmap to help address issues like the ones that @Nic Brough _Adaptavist_ mentioned. Please keep these ideas coming.

I think @Monique vdB might be able to comment on what we are doing to solicit better question composition, etc.

Rachel Wright Community Leader Oct 13, 2017

+1 for collecting more details on the question screen.  Knowing a user's deployment method (Server, Cloud, Data Center, Partner Hosted, Commodore 64 under the stairs in the basement...) would be really helpful when adding answers.  Version would also be helpful.

OR, if you don't want to ask it on the question screen, add it to the user's profile.  They can fill in their product details once and they can be automatically appended to their question.  Profile data for the applicable application could be pulled in based on the tag.  Or, we could click their profile link to get those details for questions that need it.  Of course, this only works if people keep their profile accurate...but it's better than no data.

Also, what about using the white space to the right of the "Details" text area to explain what a good description contains and/or link to good question examples?  For any question, the user should provide the actual outcome vs expected outcome, a URL, and a screenshot!

LarryBrock Community Leader Jul 26, 2018

Hi Rachel - given your current living arrangement, your reference to "under the stairs" made me chuckle.  Hope you and Chris are healthy and happy!

Rachel Wright Community Leader Jul 26, 2018

Thanks @LarryBrock!  We're north of you in Amarillo this week.  Under my RV stairs right now is not a Commodore 64 but a big mud puddle from last night's storm.  Texas and Florida sure know how to host a scary thunderstorm!  

Warren Rising Star Oct 17, 2017

The other aspect to this is getting something marked as "Answer". I hate going back to something that I've answered and asking the poster to mark my answer, hence it's not happening. We need an easier and more obvious way for people to know that they should mark it as answered.

Monique vdB Community Manager Oct 17, 2017

@Warren we are definitely working on this. The email reminder that goes out is being updated in the next week or two and should make it a lot clearer.  


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