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🗞️ Your Weekly Stack of Tech News! | 7th November 2022

Hi Everyone! 👋

Welcome to another Weekly Stack of Tech News!

Our goal is to bring you the weekly dose of what's going on in the Atlassian Tech world, so you don’t miss out on any announcements big or small.

We’d love to hear any feedback regarding the topics we’ve covered, so please do leave a comment along with any links for others to find. Thank you for reading, and we hope you enjoy!

💼 Product Updates & Tech News

Explore October’s updates in Jira Work Management 🎃

A detailed breakdown of some of the Jira Work Management changes and also what is expected to come over the next few weeks/months

Get access to team-managed projects in Jira Service Management Cloud!

More details on the upcoming team-managed projects in Jira Service Management and opportunity for early access.

(Confluence) Introducing Activity Feed for Android

Chloe announces the new Activity Feed for Android! The Activity Feed has all of the latest updates and activity from the spaces and people you’re following.

(Trello) Notifications for Advanced Checklists are here!

Notifications for Advanced Checklists are here! Notifications will be sent via email, and will show up in the in-app notifications feed.

What’s New in Confluence Cloud – Oct & Nov 2022 Edition

Cindy walks us through all the recent updates to Confluence Cloud, including: Confluence templates, improved PDF exports, and more feature upgrades.

Atlassian's Response to the OpenSSLv3 Vulnerability

Bill answers some of the main questions regarding the Open SSLv3 Vulnerablitly and addresses other community concerns.

Introducing 10 new Confluence templates

Cindy’s back again, this time to introduce 10 new Confluence templates to join the 100+ existing templates.

(Jira) Product update: the timeline view is ready for you to try!

A long-awaited feature, you can now create monthly/quarterly roadmaps in Jira Product Discovery!

(Bitbucket) Leveling up how we gather, review, and respond to product feedback.

If you’re an avid watcher of BCLOUD, this one's for you: The Atlassian team has recently made some changes to BCLOUD, including an in-product form as a replacement for manual issue submission.


📰 Atlassian News & Announcements

Premium Week 2022: Supercharge teamwork with Atlassian Premium

Premium Week kicks off Monday, November 14th - Don’t forget to click “Watch” on the post to be notified of any updates - A new challenge will be posted each day.

Atlassian's Q1 FY23 letter to shareholders



🗞 Partner News

The Partner News contains both small & big development-specific news and announcements, so you and your team stay informed.

(another) Update on Addressing issues with Marketplace reporting and APIs

Numerous open threads have been answered and the GA for all partners has been successful with no major issues reported.

(Jira) Deprecation of obsolete Jira Cloud download attachment and thumbnail URLs

A number of obsolete download attachments and thumbnail APIs have been depreciated. Developers are encouraged to migrate to their replacements as the APIs will be removed in 3 months.

(Jira) Use Bulk Get Groups API to fetch groups having certain permissions/ access instead of relying on special default names

Jira is making the transition from using groupName to groupId as the identifier for groups. Be sure to check the API’s!

(Confluence) Update: Release of v2 Confluence REST API for Pages and Blogposts (Experimental)

Tyler brings to us a lengthy update regarding all things GraphQL and Forge/Connect / GraphQL and Scopes / Expansions / CQL

(Forge) Grouping Forge app metrics by app version in developer console

Now you can group each of your Forge app metrics by app version.

Update: Introducing design tokens, new colour foundations and dark mode

The early preview of design tokens documentation is now live, along with some key pages to check out.


Well, that’s it for this week! Thanks again for reading and see you next week!


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